Computer Programming I – Application, Web and Database Development Proficiency Certificate

Prepare for employment as an entry-level programmer

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Create, Test and Debug Application Software

Develop professional PC and web applications, and receive an introduction to database management and administration through the Computer Programming I certificate. You will design, document and test software created with Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript programming languages. After completing the program, you can enter the workforce or pursue Computer Programming II – Algorithms and Computation proficiency certificate. The courses in this program may also be applied to the Computer Science or Computer Information Systems degree programs.


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Computer Programmers – est. salary $84,469
Computer Systems Analysts – est. salary $94,765*
Database Administrators – est. salary $88,899*
Software Developers – est. salary $101,420* 

EMSI Data, 2019; Philadelphia Metropolitan Statistical Area; *These jobs may require a bachelor's degree or higher.

Courses and Completion Sequence

The following courses and sequence of courses is designed for the optimal success and completion of the Computer Programming I - Application, Web, and Database Development Proficiency Certificate degree/certificate. Any alterations should be discussed with your academic advisor.
Course Number and Name Prerequisites Credits
CSCI 111 - Computer Science I w/ Python and Java FNMT 118 or higher; or MATH 161 or higher placement 4 credits
CIS 114 - JavaScript I   4 credits
CSCI 112 - Computer Science II w/ Java and C++ CSCI 111 with a grade of "C" or better, and FMNT 118 with a grade of "C" or better or placement in MATH 161 or higher 4 credits
CIS 205 - Database Management Systems CSCI 112, which may be taken concurrently, or CIS 103 4 credits

General Education Requirements:

All general education requirements necessary for graduation are met through the courses in the program as indicated above. Students who wish to take courses that differ from the general education courses indicated above must complete a course substitution request form. To access the form, login to the MyCCP portal, and in the Student tab, under Electronic Forms, click on the Records and Registration Forms link, then choose Request For Course Substitution Of Graduation Requirement link. A more detailed explanation of the College’s general education requirements is also available.

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