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Clinical Assistant Proficiency Certificate

Our Clinical Assistant proficiency certificate program will teach you how to perform clinical procedures in a variety of health care environments. You will learn how to obtain patient medical histories, take vital signs, administer medication, perform electrocardiography and vision screening, assist your physician with general and specialty examinations, and perform point-of-care laboratory testing. When you complete the proficiency certificate, you will know the correct terminology for diseases, symptoms, diagnostic treatment and surgical procedures, and how to integrate knowledge and skills related to the clinical responsibilities in order to effectively perform various tasks in an ambulatory setting.

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Degree Options

Upon receiving your proficiency certificate, you may enter the workforce or your courses may be applied to the Health Care Studies associate's degree program at the College, as well as transfer to a four-year college

Career Options

  • Outpatient clinics
  • Physicians’ offices
  • Other health care facilities

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