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Automotive Technology - Automotive Service Technology Option


The Automotive Service Technology curriculum leads to an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree. As the automotive industry has undergone a parts and service revolution, the increased complexity of the modern automobile has created a demand for highly skilled, technologically advanced automotive professionals.

The Automotive Service Technology Option prepares students to work as mechanics, safety inspectors and shop supervisors. The skills courses provide experience with the most modern diagnostic and repair equipment. The general education courses are transferable to some baccalaureate degree programs in engineering and vocational education. Graduates are also prepared to take the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence Certification examinations. This program is certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this program graduates will be able to:

  • Apply a basic foundation in theory, maintenance, diagnosis and repair of automotive systems.
  • Integrate and analyze online service data, written repair material and technical service bulletins to repair and service a vehicle.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of specialized automotive service tools, electronic diagnostic equipment and basic hand tools.
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior, professionalism and the ability to work as a team.
  • Obtain Pennsylvania state emissions and mechanical safety licenses.
  • Achieve ASE certifications in all eight automotive service areas.
  • Obtain employment in the automotive service industry.

Option Entry Requirements:

Students interested in automotive fields may enroll in this curriculum. Students must take College placement tests prior to or at the time of entry in order to receive correct course placement. If needed, students must complete developmental work in English and mathematics as part of their degree program.

Program of Study and Graduation Requirements:

To qualify for the A.A.S. degree in Automotive Service Technology, a student must complete a minimum of 62 credits as prescribed and attain a grade point average of 2.0 ("C" average).

Automotive Service Technology Option Course Sequence

Course Number and Name Prerequisites and Corequisites Credits Gen Ed Req.

First Semester

AT 100 - Introduction to Automotive Technology   2  
AT 111 - Automotive Steering and Suspension AT 100, which may be taken concurrently 4  
AT 121 - Automotive Electricity and Electronics AT 100, which may be taken concurrently 3  
AT 181 - Automotive Engine Mechanical Repair AT 100, which may be taken concurrently 4  
ENGL 101 - English Composition I   3 ENGL 101

Second Semester

CIS 103 - Applied Computer Technology   3 Tech Comp
AT 131 - Automotive Manual Transmissions AT 100, which may be taken concurrently 4  
AT 150 - Automotive Braking Systems AT 100, which may be taken concurrently 2  
FNMT 118 - Intermediate Algebra   3 Mathematics
ENGL 102 - The Research Paper ENGL 101 with a grade of "C" or better 3 ENGL 102, Info Lit

Summer Session II

AT 221 - Advanced Automotive Electrical Systems AT 121, FNMT 118 or MATH 118, which may be taken concurrently 4  

Third Semester

AT 250 - Advance Braking Systems and Controls AT 121, AT 150 2  
AT 261 - Engine Performance and Diagnosis AT 221FNMT 118 or MATH 118 4  
AT 271 - Air Conditioning and Heating Systems AT 121 3  
Social Science Elective   3  
PHYS 105 - Survey of Physics or
STS 101 - Intro to Science, Technology and Society or
CHEM 101 - General Chemistry
  4 Natural Science

Fourth Semester

AT 241 - Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles AT 221, AT 131 4  
AT 281 - Advanced Engine Performance and Diagnosis AT 221, AT 261 4  
Humanities Elective   3 Humanities
AT 289 - Automotive Technology Internship* or
AT 210 - Customer Service Techniques*
AT 289: AT 111, AT 121, AT 181, AT 250, AT 261, AT 271 and department head approval
AT 210: AT 121

2 or


Minimum Credits Needed to Graduate: 62

General Education Requirements:

All General Education requirements are met through required courses (as indicated above) except for the Writing Intensive requirement, the Interpretive Studies requirement and the American/Global Diversity requirement. Therefore, in order to graduate, students in this program must choose one course that is designated Writing Intensive, one course that is designated Interpretive Studies and one course that is designated American/Global Diversity. The same course may be used to fulfill more than one of these requirements. View the courses that fulfill all degree requirements and receive a more detailed explanation of the College's general education requirements to help in your selection.

* These courses are highly recommended but not required for graduation.