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Philly community college students look at early effects of soda tax

04/18/2017 - 10:51am
A survey by students at Philadelphia Community College on the city’s sweetened beverage tax found 46 percent of respondents had cut back on consumption of such drinks and a third said they had made purchases outside the city to avoid the tax.

Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church boost efforts to help city youth by supporting the College’s “Tuition-Free” program

04/18/2017 - 10:50am
At its Easter Sunday service on April 16, at the 2800 W. Cheltenham Avenue, location, Enon is stepping forward to support Community College of Philadelphia’s 50th Anniversary Scholars Program.

Parkway C.C. gives students chance to earn associate degrees, certificates upon graduation

03/22/2017 - 9:53am
Parkway Center City High School will soon take on a new name in the fall — Parkway Center City Middle College High School. Starting in the 2017-18 school year, the special admission school will offer incoming ninth-graders the opportunity to graduate with high school diplomas, associate degrees and up to two professional certifications each. Parkway Center City Middle College is designed to prepare all students for college, careers and participation in the knowledge-based global economy. It is a collaboration between the District and the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) to provide students in Philadelphia a rigorous high school education with the added value of a college degree.

David Thomas, Associate Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Community College of Philadelphia, receives 2017 Insight Into Diversity Magazine Giving Back Award

03/13/2017 - 11:15am
David Thomas, Associate Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Community College of Philadelphia has received the 2017 Giving Back Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, the oldest and largest diversity and inclusion publication in higher education. The Giving Back Award honors college and university administrators who go above and beyond their everyday leadership duties and “give back” to their campuses and communities. David Thomas will be featured, along with 38 other recipients, in the April 2017 Leadership Support and Giving Back issue of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine.

Black History Month Celebration in Full Swing at Community College of Philadelphia

02/15/2017 - 2:28pm
Community College of Philadelphia kicked off its African American History Month celebration on Wednesday, Feb.1, with a breakfast at the Great Hall. President Donald Guy Generals and Sulaiman Rahman, founder and CEO of Urban Philly Professional Network, related storied achievements of the past to emerging issues of today, like immigration.

Award-winning authors and illustrators convene for Children’s Fair

02/08/2017 - 10:35am
Saturday, February 4, 2017 marks the 25th year for the book fair, originating through non-profit organization The African American Children’s Book Project, which focuses on promoting and preserving literature created by or featuring those of African descent. Lloyd-Sgambati saw rich culture all around the city, but seldomly in bookstores or at literary events, which could yield dismal results.

Veterans Day marked with ceremony, job fair at CCP

12/07/2016 - 11:23am
In honor of Veteran’s Day, Community College of Philadelphia will honor and recognize heroes by hosting a ceremony and job fair to connect those who have served in the military. Since the 9-11 tragedy, one out of every two veterans will face joblessness upon transitioning from the military back into the workforce, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ 2015 Veteran Economic Opportunity Report. The study also found that the average time for being on unemployment was approximately 22 weeks in 2013.

College Kicks Smoking On Campus To The Curb

12/07/2016 - 11:21am
The Community College of Philadelphia is going smoke free on January 1. “Previously you had to move 25 feet away from any entrance, exit or ramp. But now in order to avoid the confusion of what 25 feet is, we decided to make the whole campus smoke-free." Dr. Kristy Shuda-McGuire with CCP says not only will this move help improve the health of smokers and non-smokers, but it may help some of the students kick the habit as they enter the working world.

HBCU fair draws hundreds of potential recruitsMarch raises awareness about human trafficking

12/07/2016 - 11:18am
The Community College of Philadelphia raised awareness on human trafficking with an event held last week. The college along with participants from the Red Sand and other projects poured red sand into the cracks of the sidewalks as they walked from Spring Garden Street to City Hall. The sand served as a reminder that people should not pass by or walk over those who are being exploited. “We hope to make this an annual event,” said Kathleen Smith, the director of Fox Rothschild Center for Law and Society. “Human trafficking affects so many, yet most of us think of it as rare and somehow far away from us and our communities. In offering a day focused on the many facets of human trafficking, we hope to give voice to the voiceless of the many who have been trafficked and bring their faces into focus.”

Collegiate Consortium for Workforce & Economic Development utilizing $385,314 grant

12/07/2016 - 11:15am
“The Collegiate Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development is the perfect vehicle for offering the kind of job-specific, skills training necessary for the region’s ports to capitalize on what promises to be a bright future,” said Jerry Parker, Collegiate Consortium chair and Delaware County Community College president. Established in 1994 as a partnership between Drexel University and five area community colleges, the Consortium includes Community College of Philadelphia, Delaware County Community College, Bucks County Community College, Camden County College and Montgomery County Community College.

City partners with community college to provide small-business training

12/07/2016 - 11:14am
Community College of Philadelphia will offer free workshops to small local businesses next year in the hope of strengthening the city's commercial corridors. The city is providing $800,000 for a year's worth of Power Up Your Business workshops and classes, with a three-year renewal option. "One of our major goals is to ensure that our city is a growing business center, and that is dependent on the success of businesses of all sizes in all neighborhoods," Mayor Kenney said. "We have seen great growth in Center City and the surrounding areas, and we want all of our neighborhoods to experience that opportunity."

Local colleges are well-schooled in vegan dining options

11/03/2016 - 10:37am
Community College of Philadelphia: Chef Andrew Boxer says the school recently added more tofu options at its central Pavilion Cafe, including marinated tofu at the salad bar several times a week (and by request any time) and as an option in stir fries.

Fixing CTE involves targeting middle school students

11/03/2016 - 10:36am
“We want to make sure what students are learning in the District and what young adults and adults are learning at [Community College of Philadelphia] are skills that were applicable to real occupations in the city,” said Kendrick Davis, director of STEM initiatives at the Mayor’s Office. Just after Kenney took office, his office held a series of cross-sector meetings bringing educators from the District and CCP together with the Philadelphia Youth Network, the Department of Labor, the Department of Commerce, and others to discuss how fund and tailor CTE education to the city’s workforce needs.

Initiative aims to increase FAFSA completion rates

11/03/2016 - 10:35am
The District’s College and Career Readiness Office has already started training FAFSA coaches, who will serve as financial literacy mentors in high schools and lead free workshops across the city. These coaches represent a collaborative effort of institutions, including the Community College of Philadelphia, and college access organizations such as College Possible. The District will also support counselors and teachers in high schools to better provide financial literacy help for students.

Jill Biden, Anne Holton Talk Women's Rights at Community College of Philadelphia

11/03/2016 - 10:34am
The campaign trail came through Philadelphia yet again Sunday as the Democrats work to solidify support for Hillary Clinton among women. Vice president Joe Biden's wife, Jill, teamed up with Anne Holton, the wife of the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee. The duo spoke at the Community College of Philadelphia. Their speech focused mainly on equality for women in the workplace and economy.

Philadelphia students now have the opportunity to earn an associate's degree while in high school

11/03/2016 - 10:31am
Students who enroll in Parkway Center City Middle College High School for the 2017-18 school year will take both high school and college courses during their studies. Partnered with the Community College of Philadelphia, they'll come out of their four years with not just a high school diploma, but up to 61 college credits and the district calls, "two industry-recognized credentials."

Dwight Evans delivers farewell address to State House

11/03/2016 - 10:29am
In Harrisburg earlier this week, State Rep. Dwight Evans stood at the Speaker’s Rostrum, where he delivered a farewell address that reflected on his more than three decades of service to the Commonwealth and 203rd legislative district. The Philadelphia native and graduate of Community College of Philadelphia and La Salle University discussed how his time in the city shaped his thinking and also helped him to work across party lines and find allies with Republicans and Democrats alike.

New model blends learning tiers at rebranded school

11/03/2016 - 10:28am
In his action plan released in January, Superintendent William Hite identified college and career readiness as a school district priority, partnering with the Community College of Philadelphia with the middle college high school. “Parkway Center City Middle College High School is a pivotal development for our students, and has the potential to leave a positive lasting impact on our city,” Hite said in a statement released last week. “We are focused on making sure all students across Philadelphia have various options to ensure they excel in their educational experience and this is certainly an important part of that goal.”

Free associate's degrees coming for some Phila. H.S. students

11/03/2016 - 10:27am
Some city students will soon be able to earn associate's degrees along with their high school diplomas, as the Philadelphia School District launches its first middle college high school. Beginning in September, 125 students at Parkway Center City will take courses at that high school as well as at Community College of Philadelphia. The program is aimed at teens who would become the first in their families to attend college. Students will have the opportunity to earn up to 61 college credits by the time they graduate from high school - enough for an associate's degree. They can also earn certificates in entrepreneurship and in computer programming and software development.

Philly celebrates Octavius Catto who was assassinated on Election Day 1871

10/13/2016 - 12:00pm
Speaking at the Philadelphia Community College, Mayor Jim Kenney said he keeps a portrait of Catto over his desk ("I want him looking over my shoulder") and is awaiting the installation of the only statue of an individual black person on public land in the city. Octavius Catto should take his place outside City Hall next year.

Oct. 11: Vote! Mayor Kenney, Dr. Donald Generals reflect on Octavius Catto’s legacy today at Community College of Philadelphia

10/13/2016 - 11:58am
Oct. 11: Vote! Mayor Kenney, Dr. Donald Generals reflect on Octavius Catto’s legacy today at Community College of Philadelphia. "Catto was a highly influential African American leader, but it is important to remember he also was a figure central to Philadelphia history and American history,” said Dr. Donald Generals, president of Community College of Philadelphia, said. His funeral, by some accounts, was the biggest and most elaborate ever held for a Black man in America at that time.

10 things you didn't know about Kathleen Hetherington, Howard Community College president

10/13/2016 - 11:57am
Kathleen “Kate” C. Hetherington just embarked on her 10th year as the fourth president of Howard Community College in Columbia. The Philadelphia native has been honored for her leadership by the Association of Community College Trustees, among other organizations, but she still finds time to pursue her hobbies and passions. She recently shared some interesting facts about herself, such as her appreciation for jazz and devotion to an iconic quiz show. 1. The Community College of Philadelphia played a big role in her life. A Spanish 101 professor at the college paired Hetherington, then Kathleen Carey, with a student named John so they could share a textbook. They soon became a couple, and will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in November. Hetherington eventually returned to the school as a staff member and spent 22 years there before leaving in 1999 to become vice president of student services at HCC.

A conversation on Houston, health, and home

10/13/2016 - 11:55am
Before last week, Patrick Houston ‘16 only dreamed that he would someday meet the President. However, the afternoon of Tuesday, Sept. 13, found Houston standing at a podium in Eakins Park, praising Barack Obama’s moral judgment and courage in leadership. The crowd roared at Houston’s words, and then, the President himself emerged, shook Houston’s hand, and began to speak. After high school, however, Houston enrolled at the Community College of Philadelphia , and believes that the classes he took, especially those in philosophy, religion, and sociology, completely changed his life. “I was exposed to topics I never would have chosen to take. That really transformed me on an academic basis, intellectually … and put the first 18 years into perspective,” he said.

Community College of Philadelphia Hosts Hispanic Heritage Luncheon

09/29/2016 - 3:59pm
The Community College of Philadelphia welcomed Pennsylvania's education secretary Wednesday afternoon. Pedro Rivera spoke at the hispanic heritage luncheon at the Spring Garden campus. After the remarks, the group discussed expanding access higher education in the state. Rivera himself is from Philadelphia and a first generation college student.

Knight Cities Challenge sets information session

09/22/2016 - 10:39am
The Knight Cities Challenge community information session will be held Sept. 26 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Community College of Philadelphia, 1700 Spring Garden St., Pavilion Building, Klein Cube Room. The Knight Cities Challenge seeks new ideas from innovators in shaping the future of cities. Organizers are looking for projects at the city, neighborhood and block level that can be put to work in one of the 26 Knight communities. Winning ideas, which will be announced in spring 2017, will share in $5 million. Ideas, which can be submitted by anyone, must focus on one or more of these three criteria: attracting and retaining talented people, expanding economic opportunity and creating a culture of civic engagement. To register visit www.eventbrite.com/e/knight-cities-challenge-philadelphia-info-session-i-tickets-27180302015 .

ITT students unsure of future after tech school closes

09/16/2016 - 11:13am
Like most of the former ITT students who showed up for the Fast Track day, Phillip hopes to enroll for the next CCP semester, starting Oct. 4, but there’s no guarantee and he may have to wait until January. “The event that we’re having today helps students understand their options and what it will take to enroll here,” said Samuel Hirsch, CCP’s vice president for academic and student success. “We want to offer students from ITT an opportunity to talk to experts here and develop a plan.” Hirsch said that students have questions about financial aid, academic requirements, programs of study offered, and the steps required to enroll. Students worked directly with CCP staff from admissions and financial aid. In several hours, some students were helped through the entire enrollment process.

Plowing the Path at Community College of Philadelphia: Patrick Houston’s Transformative Experience

09/16/2016 - 11:10am
The Philadelphia native, 23, had two of the alleged “15 minutes of fame” by giving a very brief address to the crowd of more than 60,000 at Eakins Oval by the Philadelphia Art Museum. He then introduced President Barack Obama, who was making a campaign appearance for Clinton. That light grew into a beacon as he was encouraged to go to college by friends, family and mentors. He applied to two Pennsylvania universities that offered him substantial aid. In an analysis, seemingly beyond his years, Houston calculated he’d still have outstanding debt at the end of four years. Following another sibling who “plowed the path,” he “took a gamble” on Philadelphia Community College (CCP), giving him only two years of debt.

Engaging Student Philanthropy in Community Colleges

09/15/2016 - 2:29pm
When developing a student philanthropy program, community college professionals should start by looking at their past projects and being honest about what has been successful and what hasn't. And they should never be afraid to try something new, according to two CASE contributing authors. It's a lesson that Patti Conroy, director of scholarship programs, and Anne McGrath, development officer, of the Community College of Philadelphia know well. Conroy and McGrath explored their experiences building a student giving campaign at the Community College of Philadelphia in the recently released CASE book, Lasting Impressions: Laying the Foundation for Engaged and Philanthropic Future Alumni .

The human aftermath of the ITT Tech shutdown

09/15/2016 - 2:28pm
Dozens of higher-ed centers around the country have already pledged their support for the students left stranded in the wake of last week’s news, including a few in the Philly area like Harcum College , Peirce College , Delaware County Community College and the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) . The latter even held a “ Fast-Track to Enrollment for ITT Students Day ” on Sept. 13. For CCP Vice President for Academic and Student Success Samuel Hirsch , the shutdown of for-profit colleges isn’t remotely a new occurrence. And sadly, each time it happens, the students — young people looking for a better life — are always the victims. “I think it’s a rather unfortunate situation all the way around,” said Hirsch. “I don’t know the data specifically, but generally for-profits have a high number of minority students. So when things like these happen, it’s another blow to a...

Former Community College of Philadelphia Student Introduces President Obama

09/14/2016 - 10:59am
Patrick Houston '17, a special major in political science and environmental policy, introduced President Barack Obama at a rally held in his hometown in front of the Art Museum this afternoon. "It was my professors at Community College of Philadelphia eight blocks from here who challenged me to explore the depth of my intellectual capabilities. And it is in daily engagement with my classmates and mentors at Swarthmore College, who strive to bridge the gap between academics and action to tackle issues of social justice in my community. Finally, it is leaders who demonstrate sound moral judgment, the courage to hope for a brighter future, and the initiative to affect change in their communities who inspire me to be the change I want to see in the world."

Community College Of Philadelphia Welcomes Former ITT Tech Students

09/14/2016 - 9:52am
The Community College of Philadelphia opens its arms to students who fell victim to the sudden closure of a popular for-profit institution. “I was really devastated when I heard the schools were closing. I was, like what are we going to do?” said 55-year-old Miriam Ferrar from Philadelphia. She says she was about to start her second semester at ITT when she got word the school was closed. But she’s happy CCP has opened their doors. “I’m glad we had the opportunity to come down here, because someone is accepting our transfer credits. I feel good because they didn’t have to, they already have a campus full of students and I just thought it was great that they would welcome us to come,” said Ferrar. On Tuesday, CCP held an open house for former ITT tech students like Miriam.

Community College of Philadelphia Comes to Rescue of Stranded ITT Tech Students

09/14/2016 - 9:49am
For former ITT students, the news of the school's abrupt closing still stings. "It was horrible. I couldn't believe it. I punched the wall when I found out," Greg Murray of Southwest Philadelphia said. "When I found out I was shocked. I applied for the school and it's going to close on me," Antour Hansford of South Philadelphia said. But on Tuesday, they got help from the Community College of Philadelphia during a "fast track" enrollment day for any student from ITT. "To do so we brought together a team of experts from our various areas, whether it be financial aid, counseling, advising, to really do an individualized plan with each student," Dr. Sam Hirsch, PCC Vice President of Academic and Student Success, said.

Help for Stranded ITT Tech Students

09/14/2016 - 9:44am
The Community College of Philadelphia is hosting a fast track to enrollment for ITT Tech students Tuesday. ITT Tech was closed after the federal education department banned them from enrolling new students receiving federal aid. Click the link to watch the video.

Local colleges reach out to students displaced by ITT Tech closings

09/08/2016 - 1:48pm
Several local colleges, including Harcum, Peirce, and Community College of Philadelphia, are reaching out to students who have been displaced by the sudden closing of ITT Technical Institute's campuses.

Area colleges reach out to students caught in ITT Tech shutdown

09/08/2016 - 1:46pm
The Community College of Philadelphia is also seeking to make it easier for former ITT students to resume their studies. It will hold a "Fast-Track to Enrollment for ITT Students Day," on Tuesday, Sept. 13 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the school's main campus, on 17th Street between Spring Garden and Callowhill streets. Register for the event, here .

It takes a village to plan a wedding in Chestnut Hill

09/06/2016 - 10:32am
Osborne wants to turn the tables as owner of Tailored Home, a new bridal and furniture shop in Chestnut Hill. Osborne credits the Goldman Sachs Small Business Program, which is run out of the Community College of Philadelphia, with encouraging her to grow Tailored Transitions.

Young Hill businessman promoting youth entrepreneurship

09/06/2016 - 10:26am
Jonathan Williams, 20, started the Chestnut Hill Cleaning Company when he was just a 16-year-old student at Central High School. The young entrepreneur, who was featured earlier this year in the Local, provides commercial and residential cleaning services (one of his clients in the Chestnut Hill Business Association) as well as landscaping, snow removal, moving-out services and other miscellaneous tasks. Jonathan, who will be obtaining an Associates Degree in business this fall from Community College of Philadelphia, plans to attend Cabrini University next spring to complete his bachelor’s degree.

A Learning Community Gathers to Prepare for Its Students

08/31/2016 - 1:30pm
As Community College of Philadelphia prepared for the 2016-2017 academic year, it placed the focus on learning - by faculty and staff - to develop collaborative networks to guide more students toward their academic and career goals. The College is entering into its first full academic year of implementing the highly-touted Guided Pathways model to scale, and yesterday Dr. Rob Johnstone, one of the nation's foremost authorities, sought to demystify the concept by offering four streamlined principles.

Defining destinies, changing the world: Biomedical program training the next generation of leaders

08/30/2016 - 11:41am
On August 4th, nine Community College of Philadelphia students celebrated the completion of the Biomedical Technician Training Program at The Wistar Institute on the University of Pennsylvania campus. The ceremony represents far more than a graduation: with each certificate of completion comes new employment opportunities, career connections, and the confidence that drives scientific research and innovation.

Where education meets business: Minding the gap

08/24/2016 - 12:02pm
Area community colleges are working with businesses to help fill the gap in workforce skills Greater Philadelphia’s manufacturing companies have a problem. They have jobs available, but too few folks are qualified to fill them. Just ask Kip Anthony, president of Horsh-am-based manufacturer EFE Labs that’s been in business for 40 years. Anthony said the issue starts before students even graduate from college because they’re not thinking about the manufac-turing industry as an option during and after they leave school. “A lot of younger people come into the aca-demic channel thinking about tech in terms of software, apps and a service sector,” he said. “Not a lot of them have thought about manufacturing. Society is out of sync about where manufacturing is at. There’s a disconnect.” Anthony isn’t alone. Companies nationwide are struggling to find skilled labor in today’s manu-facturing economy, according to a report released this month by accounting...

Success of Jamaica's Olympic athletes, 54 years of independence coincide

08/24/2016 - 11:51am
Honoree Dr. Karren Dunkley, was recognized for her distinguished achievement and contribution to education. She is the principal of Parkway Center City High School in the School District of Philadelphia. In her first two years, she has increased student achievement, expanded advanced placement course offerings, increased community partnerships and is in the process of developing an early college program with Community College of Philadelphia. “We are agents of change for young people,” she said. She quoted the late “Greatest” Muhammad Ali who said that “service is the rent that we pay for room on earth.”

Wistar gets state grant to expand apprentice program

08/24/2016 - 11:49am
In 2000, Dr. Wunner collaborated with Community College of Philadelphia faculty from its biology and chemistry departments to develop the training program and boost the region’s supply of experienced lab technicians. Students, 12 of whom are accepted each year, complete the apprenticeship program — which includes classroom work and lab training — over the course of two summers. Graduates earn a certificate.

Community College of Philadelphia revamps student success strategy

08/16/2016 - 11:06am
A new team of academic advisors will work exclusively with freshman students at Community College of Philadelphia starting in September. Before assigning full-time faculty members as advisors, CCP only met with students who dropped in. Now, the student caseload will be split among seven new advisors, all experienced in advising students in high school and college settings. All hold master’s degrees in their respective fields.

Alphas host annual scholarship awards program

08/16/2016 - 11:05am
A group of recent high school grads wrapped up a six week program at U-Penn that prepped them for college. It’s called “College Bridge.” Funded by the Netter Center and Philly Youth Network, the program puts recent graduates from West Philadelphia and Sayre High Schools through the rigors of college life. “Teachers are a big influence,” says David Diamond, who graduated from WPH and is headed to Lockhaven University. He says career training programs helped him figure out his goals in life and believes they should be expanded to help curb the drop out rate. “It would help students actually find out what they want to do,” he says, “that would keep them in school and motivated.” Diamond says he plans to study computer science and then go into the US Air Force. Kiara Lights, a Sayre grad, says he goal is to become a nurse and then a mid-wife...

CCP launches effort to help instructors work together

08/16/2016 - 11:03am
Community College of Philadelphia plans to build bridges to increase communication and collaboration between adjunct and full-time instructors. The new initiative is supported by $2.3 million in funding from philanthropists and a private education fund, with a team from CCP starting work last week, participating in a launch event at Evergreen State College, in Olympia, Wash. The effort is led by Achieving the Dream, Inc., a comprehensive non-governmental reform movement for student success.

Community Colleges Count: Bringing Adjuncts To The Table

08/16/2016 - 10:58am
Student success initiatives tend to work better on campuses where faculty members are engaged. So Achieving the Dream, the nonprofit organization that advocates for institutional improvement at community colleges, is unveiling a new initiative that will help part-time faculty members become more active in their colleges' reform efforts, with the help of full-time faculty. ATD is piloting the two-year initiative at six colleges -- Harper College in Illinois, the Community College of Baltimore County, Patrick Henry Community College in Virginia, Delta College in Michigan, the Community College of Philadelphia and Renton Technical College in Washington state.

Students Run Philly Style launches ‘Race to College’ series

08/01/2016 - 10:45am
This Saturday, July 30th, SRPS is switching things up. The students and their running leaders are racing to Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) and Temple University to learn about the college opportunities in their own backyard, visit with SRPS college alumni while simultaneously training for the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon in November.

Clinton, Sanders keep college costs in national spotlight

08/01/2016 - 10:43am
Donald "Guy" Generals Jr., president of the Community College of Philadelphia, said the issue of college costs transcends party lines, so building consensus should be possible. "I think if we could get the acrimony out of Washington politics, we could make it happen," he said. "There's never been a more important time than right now to provide greater access to education. I think the momentum is building toward it."

Free community college advocates see chance to build momentum

08/01/2016 - 10:42am
For many leaders of two-year programs, community college completion is a springboard to a four-year degree. The Community College of Philadelphia has agreements in place for dual admissions transfer partnerships with 12 area four-year programs, including Temple and Saint Joseph’s Universities. CCP President Donald Generals said the attention given to community colleges by President Obama’s announcement has only helped his college develop further partnerships in the area. “President Obama really put the spotlight on community colleges,” he said. “Business and industry is more willing to work with us. Four-year colleges are more willing to work with us.” Generals’s campus hosted an event this week to celebrate the inclusion of free community college in the Democratic platform and discuss how higher ed leaders can build more momentum behind the idea.

Panel discusses free community college during the DNC

08/01/2016 - 10:40am
Following the screening, audience members engaged in a panel with Mary Cathryn Ricker, executive vice president of the American Federation of Teachers; Dr. Donald Generals, president of the Community College of Philadelphia; Michael Flores, communications and government affairs director at the College of Southern Nevada and James McCoy, associate vice president of academic affairs at the College of Southern Nevada. The panel focused on the significance of community college, strategies to alleviate student debt and the effects of the Democratic National Convention. “In the last two decades, we have been ramping up expectations — expecting students to go to higher education because all indicators say that they need to,” Ricker said. “We have this 30-foot expectation that kids are supposed to go to college, but our path for them to get there has not caught up.” In order to help students prepare for success, many community colleges have started to...