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Student Support Services

You will find information about the following College centers, labs, resources and student services on this page:

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is an integral part of the student experience at Community College of Philadelphia.  Advisors work closely with students to develop educational plans, review program requirements, and select appropriate courses for the purpose of integrating program of study with personal, academic and career goals.  Students are strongly encouraged to be an active part of the advising relationship by engaging with their Advisor throughout their time at the College.

In addition, students work with Advisors to plan for the transfer process by understanding of policies and procedures, and referrals to college resources. While the ultimate responsibility for making decisions about personal goals and educational plans rests with each student, Advisors support and assist by helping to identify and assess options.

For more information about Academic Advising, please visit us at any college location (Room BG-12 Main Campus or regional centers). For contact and location information, please visit the Office of Academic Advising website.

Assessment Center

In the College Assessment Center, new students can complete placement tests prior to orientation and registration in order that they may demonstrate their skill level in the areas of reading, writing and math. Students returning to the College will be tested if they have not previously and successfully completed an English or mathematics course.

Testing may be waived for students with qualifying scores on the SAT of 560 in Evidence Based Reading/Writing and 510 Math and on the ACT of 21 English and 17 in Math. Once the student has taken the College placement test, test scores are valid for two years. Students must be retested after a two-year period unless they have successfully completed an English and/or a mathematics course during this time.

The Assessment Center administers admissions tests for select programs and placement for specific courses. For additional information, please email us at assessmentcenter@ccp.edu or visit us online.

Career Services Center

Comprehensive career services are available to all Community College of Philadelphia students at the Career Services Center. The Center offers individual appointments and workshops on résumé and letter writing, interview preparation, job search strategies and career decision making and planning. The Center assists students and graduates in developing successful strategies to find Work-Study, part-time, full-time and summer employment.

The Center maintains an online résumé and job posting service at www.collegecentral.com/ccp. The Center utilizes online resources to aid in career development: Resume Builder on College Central, interest and skills assessment on CHOICES, and The Virtual Career Library for educational requirements, job information and salaries to assist in career development and job search. Students can complete a mock interview online using Perfect Interview. Call the Center for details.

Recruiters from local businesses visit the College regularly to interview potential employees. The Center staff also coordinates an annual job fair. Contact the Center for workshops, recruiting, job fairs and special programming schedules or use the Announcements feature on College Central.

The Career Services Center is located in C1-34 of the Center for Business and Industry. For further information, please call 215-496-6176.

Center for Male Engagement

The Center for Male Engagement (CME) is a program designed to increase the retention and graduation rates of male students of color on campus through academic support; career, leadership and personal development; civic engagement; and social and cultural enrichment.  

College can be a challenging experience without proper support, particularly for incoming first-generation students. To that end, the CME provides its participants with one-on-one coaching, ongoing academic support, career and leadership development, life skills training, mentorship, and culturally relevant social enrichment activities.

Membership in the program is limited.  To be eligible, male students must have either successfully completed the Summer Enrichment Program designed for first-time incoming students OR have 12 credits or less at the beginning of the fall or spring semester AND be interviewed to determine fit. All participants are required to sign an agreement of participation that outlines program expectations.

Summer Enrichment Program

The Summer Enrichment Program is for first-time incoming male students of color designed to provide an enhanced orientation to the College and its resources, as well as promote academic, career, financial and personal preparedness, and success at the College.

Program features include:

  • Weekly SEPTA TransPass for transportation to and from the College
  • Breakfast and lunch daily
  • Free, overnight, off-campus leadership development retreat
  • A stipend upon successful program completion

The Center for Male Engagement is located in the Winnet Student Life Building in Room S1-05. For more information, call 215-751-8817 or email the Center for Male Engagement.


Center on Disability

The Center on Disability reviews and approves student requests for academic accommodations related to disability. To request academic accommodations, students must submit informative and relevant documentation from a qualified professional stating the nature and impact of their disability. Additionally, students must attend a meeting at the Center on Disability located on Main Campus for an individualized review of accommodation requests. To ensure timely service provision, we urge students requiring accommodations to apply to the College and complete the Center on Disability registration process at least six (6) weeks before the start of the semester. We encourage students with disabilities to call the Center on Disability at 215-751-8050 or visit us online.

Child Development Center

Child care is available for students at the College’s Child Development Center, which is located at 440 N. 16th Street, between Callowhill and Spring Garden streets. The Center is managed by Knowledge Learning Center, and serves children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Children bring their lunches. Morning and afternoon snacks are provided. The Center is a “peanut free” environment. Foods containing nuts or nut byproducts are not permitted. The Child Development Center offers a program for infants age 6 weeks to 12 months, a toddler program from 13 months to age 2, pre-school for ages 3 to 4 and pre-K for ages 4 to 5. Recognizing that a child’s first educational experiences are very important, all four programs are designed to meet the developmental needs of children as they grow. The Child Development Center also provides drop-in care on a space-available basis, requiring copies of a child’s most recent physical.

The Center adheres to all state requirements and currently has National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and Keystone Stars accreditations. For further information regarding registration procedures, fees, fee payment policies, summer programs, required physical and health policies, and visits/tours, call the Center director at 215-751-8764 or -8765.

Counseling Center

The College offers free, comprehensive counseling to all its students. The Counseling Center is staffed by professional counselors. Educational, career and personal counseling are available to individuals and groups. Counselors also assist students and graduates who wish to continue their education at other institutions. Information discussed in counseling is kept strictly confidential.

The Counseling Center is located in BG-7 and can be reached by calling 215-751-8169. Counselors are also available at each of the Regional Centers. Please visit the Counseling Center online for more information on counseling services.

Learning Labs

The Learning Labs provide supplementary instructional assistance by faculty and peer tutors to students registered in a variety of college courses. Peer tutors are accomplished students who have been trained to assist other students. The Lab’s faculty members include specialists in reading, study skills, English as a Second Language, writing, mathematics, science and learning disabilities. Together, peer tutors and faculty reinforce and supplement material taught in class.

The Central Learning Lab (Room B1-28) specializes in Humanities, Social Science and English. The Math and Business Learning Lab (B2-36) handles Accounting, Finance, Economics and Mathematics. The Science, Technology, & Allied Health Learning Lab (Library, L1-LL) deals with Biology, Chemistry, Allied Health and Nursing. Services are also provided at the Northeast, Northwest and West Regional Centers. For more information and a complete list of day, evening and Saturday hours, call 215-751-8480 or visit us online.


The Main Campus Library is located just beyond the entrance to the Mint Building near 17th and Spring Garden streets. An online catalog and integrated network provide access to the College Library collection and numerous electronic databases. Classes taught by the Library faculty provide students with the knowledge and skills to locate, evaluate and use a wide range of resources to support their college coursework. The hours for the Main Campus Library are available from the Library Web page and posted at the main entrance to the Library.

The Northeast Regional Center, located at 12901 Townsend Road, the Northwest Regional Center, located at 1300 W. Godfrey Avenue and the West Philadelphia Regional Center, located at 4725 Chestnut Street have library facilities. The hours for each Regional Center Library are available from the Library Web page and posted at each location. Your College ID card, with current validation, is required to enter the Library and to borrow materials.

For more information, visit the Library online.

Single Stop

Community College of Philadelphia connects students with state and federal financial resources, as well as local community services. Its aim is to help students overcome economic barriers so that they can continue with their education and move towards economic mobility.

At Single Stop, staff will meet individually with students to help them determine and apply for those potential resources and benefits that ultimately enable them to achieve their educational goals.

Single Stop services include:

  • Benefits screening – determine eligibility, then apply for federal and state benefits
  • Financial counseling – financial services to help establish and achieve financial goals
  • Healthcare enrollment assistance – students receive guidance assessing different options to obtain health insurance coverage
  • Immigration clinics – students receive free legal consultations about status adjustment and naturalization process
  • Legal assistance – on-site attorneys to assist with and answer legal issues
  • Referral services – connections to other community resources
  • Tax preparation and filing – on-campus tax preparers assist students with filing tax returns and/or amendments

All Single Stop services are free to currently enrolled students. For additional information or to make an appointment, email singlestop@ccp.edu, call 267-299-5910 or visit Room M1-21 in the Mint Building.

Student Academic Computer Centers (SACC)

The Student Academic Computer Centers (SACC) offer students access to computer workstations with various software applications required in all disciplines at the College, including email, the Web and laser printing. Student computer access is available on the Main Campus in Rooms B2-33 and C3-17 and at the Regional Centers in Rooms NW-120 and NE-123. Informational brochures detailing services and hours are available at each site.

Student Success Initiatives

Student Success Initiatives offers programs and services designed to support students with the goal of increasing rates of academic success at the College. Services include oversight of Starfish Connect, the College’s Academic Early Alert system; Colonial Colleagues, a peer support program; and Complete with 15, a degree completion scholarship.

Starfish Connect

Starfish Connect, the College’s Academic Early Alert System, is a communication tool for students, faculty and staff at the College, designed to provide students with feedback about academic performance with the purpose of helping students successfully complete their courses and connecting them with important campus resources.


  • Assist students in being academically successful
  • Help students achieve their educational goals
  • Provide individually tailored assistance to students
  • Engage students in their academic success

Using Starfish Connect, faculty members can raise academic alert flags (concerns), give kudos (acknowledge good performance) and refer students to campus resources for extra support. The Starfish Connect software allows faculty to easily communicate their concerns to students while at the same time communicating these concerns to student support staff on campus. The office of Student Success Initiatives monitors Starfish Connect and offers outreach and support to students receiving alerts to increase their likelihood of academic success.  

Colonial Colleagues Program

Colonial Colleagues is a peer support program which encourages students to proactively commit to completing a degree or credential and/or successfully transferring from the College. It provides a structure that connects students as colleagues in peer-to-peer relationships enabling them to both give and receive help – from the first semester in higher education through to achievement of a certificate or a degree. Colonial Colleagues are invited to attend several Colonial Connection events for sharing experiences, skill development, problem-solving and celebrating academic success.

Complete with 15 Scholarship

The Complete with 15 Scholarship can offer students a faster path to completing a degree. This scholarship is appropriate for students who have earned at least 24 credits, have a 2.5 GPA and meet additional requirements. Complete with 15 provides eligible students, who enroll in four courses (minimum 12 credits) each semester, with a scholarship that will fund an additional 3-credit course. By enrolling in five courses per semester for a minimum of 15 credits, students can complete an associate’s degree in less time while saving money. The office of Student Success Initiatives processes Complete with 15 applications. Once determined eligible, students work with an advisor to create an academic plan outlining all courses from the start of receiving the scholarship through to earning all credits needed for graduation. Depending on the number of earned credits at time of application, students may take advantage of the Complete with 15 Scholarship for up to three semesters.

For additional information, please call 215-751-8202, email studentsuccess@ccp.edu or visit our office in Room S3-09.

Veterans Resource Center

Community College of Philadelphia is the largest public institution of higher education in Philadelphia and currently serves a number of students attending the College under the GI Bill.  The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) offers specialized services for our veteran students and their families.

The VRC, located on the ground level of the Bonnell Building, Room BG-43, is dedicated to serving students who are veterans and dependents of veterans. A Veterans Resource coordinator is available to answer questions and provide resources and referrals to assist veterans and qualifying dependents in understanding and accessing all services and options available to them on the Main Campus and at the Regional Centers. Services include:

  • Access to resources, periodicals, and other academic material for veterans
  • Information regarding VA laws and regulations and College policy
  • An online community for student veterans
  • Peer group discussions
  • Guest speakers on topics relevant to veterans
  • Transition workshops during the new student orientation program

For more information about the resources, visit the VRC, Room BG-43 or e-mail Veterans Resource Center. For more information about Veterans Education Benefits, visit the G.I. Bill® Website at https://benefits.va.gov/gibill/.**

Note: To receive assistance in completing the veteran’s certification and veteran’s scholarship forms, students may visit the Veterans Resource Center located on the ground level of the Bonnell Building, room BG-43, or send an inquiry via e-mail.

**GI Bill®” is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website.

Women’s Outreach and Advocacy Center

The Women’s Outreach and Advocacy Center is dedicated to issues of gender equity on campus. Its mission is to foster a community where women can exist, learn and work in an environment that promotes dignity, understanding, equality and mutual respect. Its vision is to serve the College Community as an advocate for gender equality and mutual respect among women and men.

The Center provides a focal point where women can convene as a community for advocacy, collaboration, research and education. Through various educational, professional, cultural, social and supportive services and programs, female students are empowered to take responsibility and control of their own life choices. The Center is located in Room S1-19 in the Winnet Student Life Building. The hours of operation during the academic year are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please stop by, call 215-751-8808, or email Women’s Outreach and Advocacy Center for additional information.