Center for Science and Engineering Education

Comprised of members of the Biology, Chemistry and Physics departments, the Center for Science and Engineering Education addresses the need for more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) graduates to fill in-demand positions in Philadelphia. Overall, these graduates are needed in emerging fields to further growth in those industries most vital to local and state economies.

The Center’s multifaceted approach to keeping students up-to-date with science-related fields and career prospects includes: developing seminars, conferences and forums on the impact of science and technology; identifying possible student internship and research opportunities; seeking federal and state grants for educational projects; and coordinating efforts and resources with area community colleges. In supporting these student goals, the Center provides professional development opportunities for faculty and science departments to collaborate more frequently in improving course offerings and curricula. Additionally, the Center partners with other College departments and divisions to identify opportunities and strengthen efforts to educate students about science and technology.

Externally, involving area business leaders in discussions about the training that their future employees will need remains crucial to creating relevant programs.

For more information, please contact the Division of Math, Science and Health Careers at 215.751.8430.