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Fox Rothschild Center for Law and Society

 The Fox Rothschild Center for Law and Society at Community College of Philadelphia provides a structure for the ongoing support of law-related disciplines in the context of their connections to broader societal issues. It encompasses several academic programs and fosters a variety of projects and events for both the College family and the broader community.

Looking Back at the 22nd Annual Law and Society Week

February 22-25 marked the 22nd Annual Fox Rothschild Center Law and Society Week.  Over the course of the week, over 500 students, faculty, staff, administrators, and guests attended informative and thought-provoking events.  We want to thank Dr. Generals and Community College of Philadelphia for giving us the resources and safe space to host this annual event.  We also want to thank the Division for Marketing and Management and the Office of Communications for their continued support. Above all, we want to thank our presenters, moderators, and panelists for their willingness to share their expertise, experiences and research with us. 

Media coverage of the week:

Philadelphia Sun: Community College of Philadelphia to host 22nd Annual Fox Rothschild Law and Society Week

Philadelphia Tribune: CCP kicks off annual Fox Rothschild Law and Society Week

Watch Recordings of Sessions from the Week

Gender Inequality in Law Enforcement: Beyond the Badge

Presenters: Malika Rahman and Kristal Turner-Childs
Watch the Meeting Recording
Access Passcode: VM6?iHm@

Policing Domestic Violence and Mental Health

Presenter: Victoria Chase
Watch the Meeting Recording
Access Passcode: %M7Lj622

Policing Our Streets and Building Trust Within Our Community- Wednesday February 24th

Facilitator: Judy Cruz-Ransom
Moderator: Leslie Davilla
Watch the Meeting Recording
Access Passcode: &4^YEB=r

The Tolls of Gun Violence

Presenters: Jim MacMillan and Kathleen Murphey
Watch the Meeting Recording
Access Passcode: 4yhx7A*J

Mock Trial: Fulton v. City of Philadelphia

Presenters: Lance Roxas and Liz Canapary
Watch the Meeting Recording:
Access Passcode: nhui#66k


The Community College of Philadelphia Gun Violence Reporting Center

The Initiative for Better Gun Violence Reporting

John Hopkins: Reducing Gun Violence in America: Evidence for Change

Suspicious Minds: Exploring the Causes and Consequences of Suspicion

Presenter: Faye Allard
Watch the Meeting Recording
Access Passcode: r@G#N!&0

Being Black Wearing Blue: On October 15, Criminal Justice visiting lecturer and Diversity Fellow Malika Rahman, along with the Fox Rothschild Center for Law and Society, provided the community with an enlightening panel discussion that explored the attitudes, perceptions and impacts of the current social climate on their professional and personal lives. The panel included Branville Bard, Cambridge, MA Police Commissioner and former CCP Criminal Justice instructor; Major Kristal Turner-Childs, PA State Police; Gary Tuggle, DEA Retired Special Agent in Charge; Sergio Diggs, CCP alum and Philadelphia Police Officer. News coverage included a 6abc feature, ‘Being Black Wearing Blue' panel addresses police reform, systemic racism, and coverage on CBS 3, Community College of Philadelphia Hosts Virtual Discussion Called ‘Being Black Wearing Blue’.

Watch a Recording of Being Black Wearing Blue |Passcode: $?155AmS 

Center Mission

The Fox Rothschild Center for Law and Society provides a supportive intellectual and practical framework for exploring significant societal and law-related issues including citizenship, civics and re-entry. Through service learning and research, the Center engages the College and larger community in its endeavors to: foster a rich learning environment for student achievement; sustain faculty development and enrichment; facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration; be a resource to professionals and other academic institutions; stimulate innovation; and strengthen connections throughout the wider community.

Explore the links below to learn more about the Fox Rothschild Center for Law and Society:

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Academic Programs

We offer a range of programs in the fields of law and public service, including Computer Forensics, Fire Science, Geographic Information Systems, Justice and Paralegal Studies.

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Law and Society Week

This annual week of events, open to the community, explores current trends and topics in law, safety and more.

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Center Faculty

Learn more about the faculty who dedicate their time to the Center for Law and Society, and get in touch with them to learn more about the College's programs in law and public service.

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Legal Resources

We've compiled a list of links to helpful legal resources.

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