Honoring Our Retirees

The College is fortunate to have so many retirees who have dedicated their lives to students at the College. Their expertise and efforts have helped countless students succeed in meeting their educational and professional goals. Throughout their time here, they have enriched the lives of students and the College as a whole.

Collectively, their work embodies our mission: helping the city of Philadelphia meet the needs of diverse citizens.

2017-2018 Retirees

Edward Adolphus Jacqueline Atkins Karen Aumann Veronica Bradly
Lynette Brown-Sow Jere Brubaker Linda Buchheit Gail Chaskes
William Clee Sheila Cohen Elizabeth Ehrle Alan Elyshevitz
Jaroslaw Fedorijczuk Ellen Fernberger Elise Freed Elizabeth Healey
Charles Holley David Horwitz Lilla Hudoba Daniel Jacobson
Regina Jerome Elizabeth Ju Richard Keiser Catherine Kurimchak
Mark Kushner Edward Marrits Rosemary McAndrew William McCardell
Peg Mecham Dulivanette Onema-Orbach Larry Parr Maxine Shaw
Denise Solomon C. Donald Weinberg Eve West  

Dr. Peggy Mecham Takes a Curtain Call 

If Dr. Peggy Mecham had her way, acting would be a required class. 

“Acting requires us to share and listen and to contemplate what the other character is saying, so it models what we’d all consider to be good communication,” said Mecham, an associate professor of English and Theater who retired this year after teaching at the College for 25 years.

Six years ago, Mecham was asked to teach acting to members of a program at the College for formerly incarcerated students. The goal was to give students an alternative to the typical lecture they’d encounter in a mathematics or political science class. 

What proved to be an unanticipated benefit was “how much theater taught so many interesting aspects of being a student and building community. Mecham said. Soon, acting class became a required course.

Charlie Holley

Charlie Holley with Jacob Eapen, Vice President for Business and Finance, and TreasurerAt the College, there are many unsung heroes who make a difference in the lives of students, faculty and staff. One of them, Charles “Charlie” Holley, retired this year after 35 years of service. A member of the Facilities staff, Holley could be counted on to perform his job diligently, with a smile and a friendly word for all. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, he did his work without complaint, making sure the College was clean and safe. 


In Memoriam

David Watters

David WattersDavid Watters, assistant dean of Students, died unexpectedly at the age of 53 on March 1, 2018, but he left behind a legacy: his cheerful laugh and his passion for helping students explore their identities and the world. On Friday, April 27, the College held a Celebration of Life for the man known across campus as Mr. Commencement, as he deftly guided the preparation for each year’s graduation.

For 20 years, Mr. Watters’ role as assistant dean included helping faculty design field trips and events to enrich classes for students and running a study abroad program to Merida, Mexico. In between, he worked with counselors and program directors to solve the individual concerns of the College’s students.


We remember those we lost this year, and honor their invaluable contributions to the College and community.  

They are:

  • Diane Ambrose
  • Connie Chenery
  • Stephen Haughney
  • Willie Pailin
  • David Watters