Sharing Life Experiences in Class

Dr. Anyabwile Aaron Love, an alumnus of the College and assistant professor of History, brings his culture and life experience with him to work each day. “Life is constantly going on outside the classroom for our students, and they need our understanding,” he said. 

Dr. Love teaching classThe life experience? Dr. Love believes his battle with depression makes him more attuned to student challenges, which can prompt students to drop out or fall behind in classes. 

Dr. Love grew up in Philadelphia, graduating from Germantown High School. “I loved school and knew I wanted to go to college,” but his family forbade it for religious reasons. Initially he was distraught, but eventually found a way to enroll at the College, where he thrived because of the life-sustaining intellectual stimulation and emotional support. “They were patient without feeling sorry for me,” he said.

After graduating with his associate degree in Liberal Arts, Dr. Love earned advanced degrees in African American Studies at Temple University, and returned to his roots to teach. “This is where I started,” Love said, “and this is where I knew I wanted to be.”

Dr. Love works hard to make sure students acquire tools needed to succeed in a multicultural society. He facilitates sessions with educators on how they can integrate the principles of Black Lives Matter into their classrooms. He also addressed the College community at the Religious Studies Spring Colloquium on African Spirituality as Normalized Practice.