Letter from the President

Community College of Philadelphia is transforming the city—both the vibrant, growing Philadelphia firmly entrenched in the knowledge-based economy, and the neighborhoods where the lack of educational opportunities and college completion are impediments to social and economic growth.

Our College has emerged as a national leader for Guided Pathways. Through our Pathways work, a College-wide redesign of program and curricular maps have taken place over the previous academic year. Faculty, counselors and advisors have worked together to ensure program alignment and continuity. These efforts have contributed to robust conversations about student learning and curricular objectives. The College’s expanded support services now includes 10 academic advisors whose primary function is to guide students by helping them navigate their academic demands. This effort has shown early signs of improving retention.

The 50th Anniversary Scholars program is now in its third year. This nationally recognized “Promise” program has provided financial support to 527 students. Since inception in 2015, a total of $374,586 has been awarded. The program covers all tuition and fees after the application of federal PELL dollars. This past spring, five recipients of the program graduated, and all are planning to transfer. After two years, a diverse group of donors has backed the program, including the graduates of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses and Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, which collected $100,000 for the program.

Community College of Philadelphia is a transformative institution, in part because the rich diversity on our campus helps students to reimagine their places in the world, and reassess their pressing civic responsibilities as neighbors and citizens. The construction of The Hamilton, the 10-story, 600-unit apartment complex being built in two phases by Radnor Property Group in collaboration with the College, will provide young professionals and students an opportunity to experience market-rate, urban apartment living without the exorbitant costs.

Moreover, my staff and I have undertaken steps to ensure that the total student experience is pleasant and rewarding. We want to make sure that Philadelphians from all walks of life receive the services and support they will need to be successful and to graduate.

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Dr. Donald Guy Generals
President, Community College of Philadelphia