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For Wadiya Moore, sous chef at The Capital Grille in Philadelphia, cooking is like breathing, an involuntary response that just comes easy. She’s been mixing, whipping and concocting new dishes since she was 18 years old.

When she entered the Culinary Arts program at Community College of Philadelphia, she was already working at the posh restaurant and knew she could continue to climb the ranks if she got her degree. “I’ve been at Capital Grille for 11 years. I first started on the fryer station, then moved up to sauté station. I just kept going up and then when I graduated from Community College of Philadelphia with a degree in Culinary Arts, I was promoted to manager,” said Moore. With her degree, she is now running the kitchen at The Capital Grille and earning more income.

While she attended the College, she won the Culinary Arts program’s competition called “Be the Next Local TV Chef,” where students from the program came together to show off their skills before a panel of judges. The competition aired on NBC 10. Moore’s winning dish was seared scallops with beets in a cherry tomato sauce. As the winner of the competition, Moore earned a two-minute spot on “Access Hollywood.” Moore also won the program’s Culinary Arts Award in spring 2015 when she graduated from the College.