Published Writings

Dr. Donald guy Generals

Published Writings

Generals, D. "Guided Pathways at Community College of Philadelphia: A Catalyst for Change." Community College Research Center, Teaching College, Columbia University. October 9, 2019.

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Generals, D., and D. Perkins (2019) “Modern Day Heroes: A Celebration.” Diverse: Issues In Higher Education, May 23, 2019. 

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Generals, D. (2018) “Workforce Development in the Nonprofit Sector.” Journal of Change (page 14), Independence Blue Cross Foundation, December, 2018.

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Book jacket

Generals, D. (2013) Booker T. Washington: The Architect of Progressive Education. Houston, TX: Strategic Book Publishing and Publishing Rights Co.

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Generals, D. (2012) “Colleges Must Not Lose Sight of General Education Role.” Community College Week, March 5, 2012. Volume 24, No. 15.

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Generals, D. (2011) “Service Learning Can Bridge Student Success-Course Gap.” Community College Week, March 7, 2011. Volume 25, No. 15.

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Generals, D. (2009) "A Project-Focused Approach to Remedial Education." Community College Times, September 3, 2009. Volume XXI, No. 18.

Generals, D. (2002) "The Architect of Progressive Education: John Dewey or Booker T. Washington." Journal of Intercultural Disciplines. St. Lawrence University, Canton NY. Volume 31, No. 2.

Generals, D. (2002) "Language of Leadership." (A Review of a Roger Soder book.) Planning for Higher Education. Society for College and University Planning. Ann Arbor, MI. Volume 11, No. 1.

Generals, D. (2001) "Booker T. Washington and Progressive Education: An Experimentalist Approach to Curriculum Development and Reform." Journal of Negro Education. Howard University, Washington, D.C. Volume 69, No. 3.

Generals, D. (1999) "Cast Down Your Buckets: The Progressive Ideas of Booker T. Washington." UMI Dissertation Services: Ann Arbor, MI.