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Welcome to Community College of Philadelphia

The first step to a good life begins with the decision to pursue an education of higher learning. Choosing Community College of Philadelphia will place you among a long line of alumni and former students who have benefitted from the vast selection of programs, courses and learning experiences offered by Community College of Philadelphia.

As the city’s college, we are prepared to meet your educational and training needs by guiding you along a path in pursuit of your dreams. Our faculty are among the best in higher education and our staff are dedicated professionals excited about meeting your needs.

We hope you decide to attend Community College of Philadelphia. If you do, you will find that our rigorous curricula and relevant career programs will position you to pursue the career of your choosing or to continue your education towards a bachelor’s degree and beyond. Our students have transferred to Ivy League and top tier universities and colleges; and many have found employment with the top companies in the city and the surrounding areas.

Take the time to review our website or, if you have questions, feel free to contact one of our admissions representatives.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you soon.


Dr. Donald Guy Generals
President, Community College of Philadelphia

The City's College - Plan for 2025

Dr. Generals to Receive the Philadelphia Tribune Magazine’s 2020 Most Influential Leader Award

November 12, 2020

Dr. Generals has been awarded the Philadelphia Tribune Magazine’s 2020 Most Influential Leader award.  Annually the Philadelphia Tribune acknowledges African-American Leaders in the region for outstanding commitment to our community. Join us in celebrating on Thursday, November 12, at 12 p.m. Register today

Celebrating 15 Years of Graduate! Philadelphia: Advancing Learning Pathways and Economic Opportunity

October 27, 2020

Dr. Generals will be a featured speaker at ED Talks: A Showcase of Learning and Innovation in the Era of COVID-19. How do we ensure advancement in career pathways, promote positive health outcomes and help adults prepare for the future? Hear directly from Graduate! Philadelphia and local educational and nonprofit leaders about how higher education and workforce development is a driving force behind our region’s economic, health and social recovery. This virtual event will be held on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.

RSVP for ED Talks: A Showcase of Learning and Innovation in the Era of COVID-19

Dr. Generals Serves on AL DÍA’s 2020 Hispanic Heritage Awards Advisory Board

September 3, 2020

This year’s honorees were selected by an advisory board of 16, led by Judge Nelson Diaz and a new co-chair, PECO President and CEO, Michael Innocenzo. Honoress are selected for their leadership in the nonprofit, public service, health, education and business sectors. AL DÍA’s virtual 2020 Hispanic Heritage Awards ceremony will take place on Oct. 7.


Dr. Generals Receives Innovation in Education Award

July 29, 2020

Dr. Generals was named the recipient of the Innovation in Education Award by the Urban League of Philadelphia during a July 29 virtual event, the 2020 Empowerment Dinner and Community Scholarship Program. The award “specifically focuses on the uniqueness of the ‘program actions’ that promotes teacher innovation, increases student interest and drives performance and/or achievement.” Rev. Dr. Lorina Marshall-Blake, president of the Blue Cross Independence Foundation and a member of the College’s Foundation board, received the Power of One award.

The Urban League of Philadelphia

B. PHL Fireside Chat

July 22, 2020

Dr. Generals was a guest on B. PHL's Fireside Chat series on July 22, which streamed on Facebook Live. He talked about the College as a vital educational resource in the city, how learning has changed with COVID-19 and how the College helps small businesses thrive through such programs as Power Up.

An Eco-system for a Poverty Action Plan: re-imagining, innovating and a call to action

July 9, 2020

Dr. Generals was featured as a guest speaker at a virtual event created by the Social Innovations Journal. He spoke on the issues that underly economic disparity in Philadelphia, and Philadelphia's Poverty Action Plan's promise to raise 100,000 residents out of poverty by 2024.

CCP president on Covid-19 challenges and the school's role in the fight for racial justice

June 12, 2020

Donald "Guy" Generals said the school isn't just trying to prepare students for the post-pandemic economy, it also needs to take a "leading role" amid the fight for racial justice.

The Philadelphia Business Journal

Community College of Philadelphia will start fall with online classes

May 26, 2020

"Generals said even if the city were to get the state’s “green” designation, which would allow restaurants, gyms, and other major venues to reopen at less capacity, the college will stay with online classes at the semester’s start. College committees, he said, looked at a number of options and couldn’t figure out a way to safely provide social distancing and other safeguards, such as testing, needed for an in-person start, given all the uncertainty, he said."

The Philadelphia Inquirer 

CCP announces plans to hold online classes for the fall

May 26, 2020

“Making this decision now gives everyone a chance to register now without worrying that their fall semester will be interrupted,” president of CCP Donald Guy Generals told the Tribune on Tuesday [May, 26]. “It also gives our faculty and staff time to plan for the best possible education experience this Fall.”

The Philadelphia Tribune

The State of Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 8, 2020

Dr. Generals and Farah Jimenez, President & CEO, Philadelphia Education Fund, joined host Matt O'Donnell for an in-depth discussion on education, virtual curriculums, the learning gap for the underserved, the cost of private and state colleges vs. community colleges, and whether students take a 'gap year.

Inside Story with Matt O'Donnell

WURD Radio interview with Andrea Lawful Sanders 

March 19, 2020

Announcing the Octavius Catto Scholarship

March 5, 2020

As Mayor Kenney prepares to unveil his plan to make the College tuition-free, Dr. Generals discusses the College's hopes to provide tools that will spur Philadelphians toward economic and cultural prosperity. 

KYW Newsradio

Celebrating Black History Month

Feb. 20, 2020

Dr. Generals joins WURD Radio host Syreeta Martin for "Happy Hour College tour" to discuss the 1619 Project, new academic offerings at the College and more. 

WURD Radio

Working to Make College Tuition-Free

Jan. 18, 2020

Immediately showing support after Mayor Jim Kenney announced at his inauguration that he wants to make Community College of Philadelphia tuition-free, Dr. Generals told the Philadelphia Tribune that he is excited about the Mayor's “commitment to ensuring that all Philadelphians have quality educational experiences from pre-K through college,” and looks forward to creating more resources for city residents to earn a credential or degree.

Philadelphia Tribune

Growing Business in Philadelphia

Dec. 23, 2019

Donald Guy Generals, Ed.D., President of Community College of Philadelphia(CCP), talks about the partnership between CCP, the City of Philadelphia and Goldman Sachs to provide small business owners tools for growth. Recorded December 19, 2019.

Comcast Newsmakers

Guided Pathways at Community College of Philadelphia: A Catalyst for Institutional Change

October 9, 2019

Dr. Generals contributed the second in a series by practitioners at AACC Pathways Project colleges describing their experience with implementing guided pathways reforms.

Community College Research Center

True Philadelphia Podcast with Matt O'Donnell

September 12, 2019

Dr. Generals joined Matt O'Donnell on his True Philadelphia podcast to discuss why college continues to be so expensive and outpace inflation, how this generation of student is starting to seek more value in education, why Community College of PHiladelphia and other community colleges should be free, how education is the latest industry to be disrupted by technology, the importance of writing as a skill and more.

Dialogues: Dr. Donald 'Guy' Generals interviews Dr. William Hite

July 17 2019

Dr. Generals invited Dr. William Hite, Superintendent of Philadelphia School Districts, to be interviewed on CCPTV. The two discuss strategies, initiatives and challenges for shaping the future of education in Philadelphia.


Local couple’s donation will make CCP free for some nontraditional students

“Either due to personal, social, or financial reasons, many students delay going to college, which negatively impacts their ability to achieve a college degree or pursue career opportunities,” Dr. Generals said. “In many cases, the returning students are more mature and return with a stronger commitment to the value of education and its benefits.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

After battling faculty union, president ponders CCP’s future at his 5-year mark: ‘We want to make our students well’

“We want to make the community, our students, well,” Dr. Generals said, “both in terms of their educational prospects and opportunity, as well as the lives that they live.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Community College of Philadelphia Black and Gold Gala of hope and redemption

“This fundraiser is a way to acknowledge and honor those who committed themselves to college admissions,” Dr. Generals said. “Our goal was to honor students, alumni and community together, to celebrate the college and its mission to eradicate barriers for those who [wish] to attend college.”

The Philadelphia Sunday Sun

Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins receives award from Community College of Philadelphia for work in the inner city

At the Community College of Philadelphia Black and Gold gala, Eagles player Malcom Jenkins was presented with the Community Hero Award for his service in advancing education, economic advancement in low income communities, criminal justice reform, and police community relations.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Modern Day Heroes: A Celebration

Dr. Generals and Derrick Perkins share the success stories of three participants of the Center for Male Engagement Program at Community College of Philadelphia to celebrate the next generation of leaders.

Alum Innovates to Make Higher Education Accessible to the Nation’s Most Vulnerable Populations

“Philadelphia has a 25% poverty rate, which is the highest poverty rate of the 10 largest cities in the nation – the only way to break the vicious cycle of poverty is through education,” states Dr. Generals. “My vision of accessibility is focused on social justice, and the amazing faculty and staff at the Community College of Philadelphia have rallied around this cause.”

MaST students receive degrees from CCP

Six students from MaST Community Charter School graduated May 4 with associate degrees from the Community College of Philadelphia more than a month before their high school graduation.

Hallahan HS, Community College of Phila. ink partnership

Dr. Generals signed the agreement for a dual course of study between John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School and Community College of Philadelphia on May 9.

CareerLink Job Hub opens at CCP’s Northeast campus

“We see this Job Resource Hub as another pillar in our commitment to serving the community,” said Donald Generals, president of CCP and Philadelphia Works board member. “It is exciting for the Community College and Philadelphia Works to come together to address the need for coordinated workforce development efforts in Northeast Philadelphia.  We hope this new hub will benefit not only CCP students, but the entire Northeast Philadelphia community.”

Community College of Philadelphia unveils $7.2M in lab upgrades 

"The renovations are an investment in workforce development."