Catto Scholars Blog — Idris Washington

The Start of Something New

Hello. My name is Idris Washington and I am 19 years old. When I am asked to talk about my story there is one thing that I always have to talk about, and that’s my education and why I’m on this path. The thing that makes my story different is that I didn’t go to middle school or high school. When I graduated from the third grade I went overseas to Egypt to live there and study my religion, Islam. I believe the issue was that I spent so much time working on my religious studies that I couldn’t focus on my traditional studies like English and math. When I got the chance to come back and finish my studies and get my diploma, I didn’t really care about it. I didn’t want to go to college. I didn’t really even care about my education. That all changed when I joined Gateway to College  They not only helped me to finish my education but their support also led me to pursue a higher education. I want to become a writer and also want to become a pro soccer player if I get the chance. That is what leads me to my time as a college student. This is not my first semester here at CCP; it is actually my third year here since I was a part of the Gateway to College program. With this in mind I kind of have a head start with the college scene and being able to handle all the things that are being thrown at me. I am having a good time with my classes and they are going really well. I love learning and the Catto Scholarship team is helping me along the way and I am very grateful. I won’t let this opportunity go to waste. I might have started slow in the classes, but it always takes time to get accustomed to them. I think I have gotten a grasp on them now and it’s a lot of fun. This semester I am taking a math class and while it’s definitely my worst subject, the way it’s being taught makes it so enjoyable and easy. To sum my first month up, I would say the best is yet to come and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I have a passion and drive for learning and hopefully that benefits me in the future.