Dr. Generals Has Been Named a Metro Philadelphia Education Power Player

Dr. Generals headshotEarlier this month, Metro Philadelphia named College President Dr. Donald “Guy” Generals as one of 94 Education Power Players. The list includes influential leaders who are creating more accessible pathways to a quality education, fostering meaningful collaborations between schools and communities, and supporting the long-term success of students by ensuring that every Philadelphia student is learning. 

As the sixth president of the College, Dr. Generals was selected as an Education Power Player for his inclusive vision and passion for helping students – particularly community college students – find a path forward. With more than 35 years in the higher education sector, he says that he fell in love with the sector by accident. He originally planned to attend law school. However, after working some of his first jobs in higher education, he realized that this was his calling. 

Starting off as a teacher and tutor, he was able to connect with students and found fulfillment in helping them succeed. Even today, Dr. Generals says that he is often learning from his students.

“Over the course of my career, I have watched students overcome incredible social and economic obstacles,” said Dr. Generals. “Despite those challenges, they were able to persevere and achieve high levels of academic success, resulting in social mobility for themselves and their families. The lessons I have learned from my many students include the value of resilience and grit, and how education can change the trajectory of not just the students, but also their families.”

In the full interview, Dr. Generals discusses what he believes are the three most critical things that students need to learn. You can view the full list of Metro Philadelphia’s Education Power Players here and check out the interview between Dr. Generals and Metro reporter Myranda (Randy) Tristant below.