Transforming Life Changes into a Career

Arriving at the College in summer 2019, Nana Agyman had a plan to achieve his goal of becoming a nutritionist, motivated by changes he made in his life.

Growing up with health challenges, Nana experienced issues while vising extended family in Ghana, and he made the decision to take control of his own health.

“When I got back home, I started researching better ways of eating, and traditional ways of eating in Ghana. It was a major shift,” he said. 

Nana previously attended the University of Pittsburgh, but he was unsure of a career path. A friend introduced him to martial arts, which also had a positive impact on his health.

“I found an intersection of what was important to me, and what I was interested in career-wise,” said Nana.

Graduating with Highest Honors and a degree in Health Care Studies in December 2022, Nana will be participating in the May 6 ceremony. With the long-term aspiration of opening his own clinic where he can assist patients’ needs, Nana will continue his studies in nutrition. He has already been accepted to Columbia University. Nana is waiting to hear from Drexel, Swarthmore, Penn, and La Salle until he makes his final decision, and to see the financial aid packages offered by the institutions.

At times, he paused to remind himself of what he was working toward through his studies.

“This is for me, and for all of those I will help in the future, and my future family. This is all for a greater cause.”

Nana’s advice to potential students reflects his experience at the College. 

“The College gave me the opportunity to continue my goals. Come with a goal, come with a plan and come with your best effort. The College can help,” said Nana.