Attorney General Josh Shapiro talks the student debt crisis at the Community College of Philadelphia

Pennsylvania is “ground zero” for student debt, but its attorney general is fighting to change that.. He calls for free community colleges in the Commonwealth. As for policies he thinks should be in place, there were many for Shapiro, but two of the most important of the town hall were his support of free community college education along with income-based determinations for state and state-affiliated institutions and exemption of all student debt in the event of declared bankruptcy.Regarding the latter, student loan debt is the only kind of debt not to be wiped out after declaring bankruptcy. In some cases, the institution can declare bankruptcy, but leave students saddled with federal loans — which only become exempt after expensive court fights. When asked about bankruptcy forgiveness for student loans, Shapiro, speaking at Community College of Philadelphia, was adamant. He also called upon the state to make community colleges free.