MaST/CCP MC2 dual enrollment program graduates its first African American student

Imari Hearst is an example of who our ancestors dreamed of as they toiled, bled, and died for better living conditions in America. Those ancestors knew something, despite the constant messaging to the contrary — we are a brilliant people.

This young lady created history at MaST Community Charter School in Philadelphia by graduating from college with an associate’s degree before graduating with her high school diploma!

 I spoke with Imari, it was clear that she has a sense of purpose which  goes beyond what others thought she could do, and she aims to exceed her own high expectations.

SUN: Imari, you have accomplished much in a short period of time. What are you most proud of in this moment?

IH: As I move on to the next chapter of my life, I am proud to say I was the first and only African American so far to complete the MC2program since it started. Being the first African American at my school to do this had an impact on me by giving me the drive to stay more determined to achieve my goals. I feel [that when]the African American underclassmen seeing me accomplish this goal, [it] will give them the reassurance and hope that they, too, can be a part of this program and excel –especially since most of the students are Caucasian.”