Soaring housing costs stretch already-strapped college students

 Rethinking Education takes a look at the situation in Philly, where many college students are struggling to find affordable housing. They visited Temple University and the campus of Community College of Philadelphia. One out of four people in the city of Philadelphia live below the poverty line, so you would think this would be an affordable place to live, the report said. Philadelphia also has another distinction, however, which is the second most number of colleges and universities of any city in the nation. And that makes affordable housing hard to come by, whether you're at a big four-year university or even a two-year community college.Just steps away from downtown, 26,000 students attend the Community College of Philadelphia. Like most two-year schools, housing is not offered. A 2018 study by Goldrick-Rab and her colleagues found nearly 20 percent of the school's students were experiencing homelessness, and more than half were housing insecure. They interviewed Thomas, a student at CCP, who said he has done everything to try to balance tuition and housing costs. "Everything. I'm not ashamed to say that, shelters, couch surfing. And it's been things that I had to do," he said.