At town hall on policing, Meek Mill, Malcolm Jenkins turn the mic over to residents

When Mayor Jim Kenney put out a call for citizens to weigh in on who should be the next leader of Philadelphia’s police department, Malcolm Jenkins was paying attention. And the Eagles safety took it to heart. At a standing-room-only event Monday, Jenkins — through Players Coalition, the social-justice nonprofit he co-founded — assembled a panel of prominent Philadelphians to discuss what qualities are most needed in the next police commissioner. He shared the stage with prosecutors, community organizers, spiritual leaders, and the city’s only multi-platinum rapper pushing for probation reform, Meek Mill.“We wanted to create a forum where these voices can be heard and weigh in,” Jenkins said. “And we wanted to package it in a way for Mayor Kenney to consider. If he is listening to the concerns of the citizens, this is the first step."