2020-2021 Foundation Annual Report

Champions of Change


Donald Guy Generals, Ed.D.Ellyn Jo Waller, Ed.D.

Dear Friends,

Every spring, we ask the College’s newest graduates, “Where will you go?” Their answers are diverse, ambitious, and inspiring – answers that are full of possibility thanks to the incredible support of donors. You give them the power to go forward.

Indeed, Community College of Philadelphia is home to possibilities, a starting point for determined students. Philanthropy empowers them to succeed, making remarkable things happen now and for future generations.

More than ever with this year’s unique challenges, we have felt the College community not as a group of individuals, but as a collective “we” deeply committed to transforming the lives of students and building a resilient, vibrant Philadelphia. Together, we are tackling the needs of today while imagining the possibilities for a better tomorrow.

Thank you for your generosity that fosters potential, breaks down barriers, and lifts people up.

Donald Guy Generals, Ed.D.

Donald Guy Generals, Ed.D.
Community College of Philadelphia

Ellyn Jo Waller, Ed.D.

Ellyn Jo Waller, Ed.D.
Community College of Philadelphia Foundation



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