Fashion Retail Sales and Customer Service Proficiency Certificate

Pursue Opportunities in Fashion Retail and Customer Service

Get professional experience for positions involving fashion apparel and accessories, home and garden, and gifts. With hands-on experience in and out of the classroom, you will be prepared to enter the workforce and to take the National Retail Federation Certification in Customer Service. Credits from this certificate count toward the Fashion Merchandising and Marketing degree program.

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Customer Service Representatives – est. salary $39,302
Demonstrators and Product Promoters
 – est. salary $32,041
Fashion Designer – est. salary $40,332
First-line Supervisor of Retail Sales Workers – est. salary $40,826
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists – est. salary $73,394
Marketing Manager – est. salary $157,138*
Retail Salespersons – est. salary $27,169
Wholesale and Retail Buyers, Except Farm Products – est. salary $72,718


**EMSI Data, 2018; Philadelphia County, PA; a percentage of people in these jobs may have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Courses and Completion Sequence

The following courses and sequence of courses is designed for the optimal success and completion of the Fashion Retail Sales & Customer Service Proficiency Certificate degree/certificate. Any alterations should be discussed with your academic advisor.

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