Web Development II — Cloud Computing Proficiency Certificate

Advanced Skills for Web Management and Design

Gain hands-on experience creating websites and web applications, and running and managing cloud applications. You will understand the importance of architectural decisions that are involved in operating cloud services. In addition to receiving basic programming and database management skills, you will learn how to manage web server infrastructure, and develop documents and presentations used to pitch ideas and projects to clients.

You must successfully complete the Web Development I proficiency certificate program before enrollment.

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Computer Programmers – est. salary $94,876
Web Administrators – est. salary $95,942

**EMSI Data, 2022; The greater Philadelphia region; a percentage of people in these jobs may have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Courses and Completion Sequence

The following courses and sequence of courses is designed for the optimal success and completion of the Web Development II — Cloud Computing degree/certificate. Any alterations should be discussed with your academic advisor.
Course Number and Name Prerequisites Credits
CIS 155 - Principles of Operating Systems   3 credits
CIS 230 - Web Page Design II CIS 130 3 credits
CIS 204 - Fundamentals of Linux and Unix CIS 155 or CIS 105  3 credits
CIS 228 - JavaScript II CIS 114 4 credits
CIS 288 - Cloud Computing CIS 244 4 credits

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