Certificate in Emerging Technology for Managers

In the current business environment, managers and leaders should have a baseline understanding of these emerging technologies. This certificate in Emerging Technology for Managers addresses blockchain, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Students who have completed this certificate will be knowledgeable in how each technology affects business processes and how each contributes to a discussion about the future of labor.

Be informed about cryptocurrencies and how blockchain is restoring trust and security in Internet transactions. Cover how artificial intelligence is leading to gains in efficiency and performance, along with concepts and metrics for management to consider when evaluating an investment in robotics.

Lesson List:

  • A Manager's Guide to Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence plays an increasingly important role in many industries. This course is an introduction to basic artificial intelligence concepts and trends. The emergence of this new technology promises to bring unprecedented efficiencies for organizations and enhance business performance. In today's global economy, managers will need to know how AI can be leveraged to keep their organizations competitive, as well as understand the potential ethical issues associated with employing AI technologies such as deep learning, machine learning, and the various AI-enabled recognition technologies.
  • A Manager's Guide to Robotics
    Gain insight to the concepts and metrics for management to consider when evaluating whether an investment in robotics is the right decision for the operation. Begin by defining automation types and processes before exploring the business functions involved in making the decision to execute an automation enhancement. This course also covers the strategic and ethical issues of replacing human workers with robots.
  • A Manager's Guide to Blockchain
    Blockchain is on the forefront of emerging technologies and is the foundation of modern cryptocurrencies. This course will help you build an understanding of blockchain and how the technology might apply to your business. Take a look at blockchain's impact on health care, Fintech, and government, along with democracy, social and governance. Delve into critical parts such as consensus mechanisms and cryptography.

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 Course Hours: 9 Hours

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