CompTIA Security

Cybersecurity is a problem facing individuals, businesses and government at all levels. For instance, parents are worried about online safety of their children and the privacy of their confidential information. Organizations, such as the government maintain a huge amount of confidential information, including intellectual property and critical infrastructures. These infrastructures and information require protection from the prying eyes of cyber intruders and other actors. In order to be part of a team that is responsible for providing this protection, you need the appropriate training and certification first. This class will help you to acquire those fundamental skills.

Textbook required and available for purchase in the college bookstore:
CompTIA Security+ iLabs with practice exam/test engine by ITProTV, 1st edition, by ITProTV, ISBN: 2819390061496

Course Hours: 32 Hours | Tuition: $625

Location: Online
Asynchronous learning: 4 hours per week – Sept. 28 - Nov. 20, 2020

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