Graphic Design Software Essentials

The Adobe software tools are the leading software for graphic design. Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard computer illustration software. Use Illustrator to draw shapes and design logos, flyers, posters, banners, business cards or any other vector graphics for print or web. Adobe InDesign is the industry standard page-layout program that works with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop seamlessly. InDesign allows you to create simple to complex multi-page documents such as brochures, flyers, books and magazines. Use Adobe Photoshop to effectively work with selection and editing tools, layers, and masks to edit, retouch and enhance existing images or create your own composite digital art work. Access to the Adobe software tools required.

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September 8 – Nov. 27, 2020

(Participate anytime day or evening)


 Course Hours: 48 Hours

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