Liberal Arts & Communications 2020 Awards

Anne and Andrew Abel Writing Contest Award

This award is intended to promote, encourage, and support the craft of writing by students.

Presented by Elisa McCool, Cindy Giddle, Betsy Self-Elijah, and Mark Hughes

English 101

Emily Fass (First Place)
Tyree Mark Roney-Brown (Second Place)

English 102

Danielle Whitmarsh (First Place)



Presented by Nick Moudry, Ph.D.
Anthony Baker (First Place)
Yogev Avidar (Second Place)

Judith Stark Creative Writing Contest Awards

The contest was founded in memory of Judith Stark, a faculty member with a special interest in writing. The awards are funded by an endowment set up by the Stark family, friends, and by College faculty members.

Presented by Jeffrey Markovitz, Ph.D. and David Renshaw

Fall 2019


Maria Valerio (First Place)
Ontaria Wilson (Second Place)
Benjamin Haklay (Third Place)
Sheila Burton (Fourth Place)
Maya Holman (Fifth Place)


Sean Mooney (First Place)
Rosa Maria Sanlate (Second Place)
Fulani Bah (Third Place)
Anna Piaia (Fourth Place)
Laura Chiu (Fifth Place)


Joey Antohi-Craciun (First Place)
Teresa Marquard (Second Place)
Carolina Canola (Third Place)
Taahira Davis (Fourth Place)


Anna Piaia (First Place)
Shanna Hackett (Second Place)
Nandia Clarke (Third Place)


Spring 2020


Emily Quast (First Place)
Siani Johnson (Second Place)
Kelsey Harkins (Third Place)
Kendall Stephens (Fourth Place)
Elia Mattei (Fifth Place)


Alex Phillips (First Place)
Bishop Conner (Second Place)
Aiyana Bell (Third Place)
Elia Mattei (Fourth Place)
Najee Richardson (Fifth Place)


Kara LaFleur (First Place)
Travis Storm Hadfield (Second Place)
Benjamin Haklay (Third Place)
Elia Mattei (Fourth Place)


Tyrah Williams (First Place)
Alex Phillips (Second Place)
Jessica Le (Third Place)