Graduate Success Stories

If there’s one thing we know, it's that members of the Class of 2020 are extraordinary.  While the details vary from person to person, we’ve pulled some examples so that you understand exactly what we’re talking about. The Class of 2020 is host to community activists, policy leaders, investigative journalists and more. Their stories make one thing clear, that once the Class of 2020 is through with it, the world will never be the same.  

We’ll be uploading new student stories periodically, so check back soon! 


 Andreas Copes

When first he enrolled at Community College of Philadelphia in 2017, Andreas Copes believed he wanted to pursue a degree in Liberal Arts and eventually end up in the field of public relations. Now, as he finishes up his associate degree at Community College of Philadelphia, Copes will move on to the next stage of his academic career having discovered a new career trajectory in journalism and media, and having earned multiple awards and scholarships, work experience and professional connections. An enthusiastic member of the College’s campus community, Copes embraced every opportunity to get involved on campus, proving that higher education can illuminate parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed, and lead us down new pathways.

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