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Nothing is more crucial to the success of our graduates than the community that has supported them throughout their CCP journey. Professors, classmates, friends and loved ones, we invite you to leave a message for your graduate or for the entire Class of 2020 by filling out the submission form and we’ll post it on our virtual message board.

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Shari Adams


CONGRATULATIONS!!! It has been such a pleasure to meet you and work with you in the past three years. I have seen you grow into a well rounded focused student. Great conversation. RULE THE WORLD! THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!

Ida Swindle-Jewell
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Kimberly Watson

Kimberly -- you have matured into such an amazing woman, student, professional helper. Thank you for entrusting me to walk with you on this path. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors!

Kerry Arnold
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Jill T. Lewis


Jill my lovely sister.

Love always,

Your brother

Tremayne Lewis
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Remember that "commencement" is a beginning. In Spanish, "comenzar" means "to start." Though this pandemic took our Commencement, the ceremony was never supposed to be the end of your education; it was to mark the beginning, the start. Congrats Class of 2020!

Jeffrey S. Markovitz
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Oumu Barrie

Oumu Congrats,

You truly earned your degree, you wore your uniform proudly around the office sharing your knowledge to keep those of us in the office healthy. You will be an asset in the Healthcare world. Wishing you much success.

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Rasaun Idruis Ford

Congratulations Rasaun! I am so proud of you. The hard work and long hours definitely paid off. Keep pushing and reaching for the stars!

-Erica “Mamas” R

Erica Rosario
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To the class of 2020

Class of 2020: Congratulations! What a tough and strange year to graduate, but what a time a time for possibility. Keep moving, you have shown that you have what it takes to succeed. The story is yours to write; pick up your pen and fill every empty page. Best wishes for success!

Michele L. Claybrook-Lucas
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Class of 2020

Congrats on your accomplishments in the face of such adversity and challenging times! CCP is a better place because of each one of you. Best wishes for continued success - stay safe and healthy, and remain connected and involved as engaged alumni!

Richard Kopp, Assistant Dean of Students
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Liam Spady

Congratulations Liam! Your future is so bright. Please let me know if you ever need anything from me in the future. I'll be here!

Michelle Lopez
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Here's to you, 2020 CCP graduates! If we could celebrate you this May in person, you'd hear an especially long, loud, and proud round of applause for earning your degree during this pandemic. Thanks for the energy you brought to your studies, and stay in touch.

Sarah Byker James
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Nursing Class of May 2020

To All of My Nursing Graduates We are still in this together from Kaplan, to NCLEX and beyond!!! I am amazed and inspired by the great success we have had. Stay prayed up, safe and healthy for these times are truly a test for us all and will lead to a wonderful Testimony!!!

Tria Jones, Graduate RN
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Veronica Collins Jackson-Cody

We done it! We all faced unforeseen odds, but continued with grit and with the agility of the staff. Continue progression my fellow Alumni. Congrats 2020 students.

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Congratulations Class 2020...Well done!
Genesis Muse
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MyTeria Guy
Brooke M Feldman
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Class of 2020: Artists & Designers

To those who are pursuing creative careers and vocations—you are such a vital and vibrant part of the Philly creative scene and YOUR ideas, talents and voice are a part of what makes is so vibrant. Trust the process & SHINE BRIGHT!

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