Class of 2021 Message Wall

We know that our graduates didn’t cross the finish line alone; they had you cheering for them on from the beginning. Whether you’re a professor, friend, classmate, mentor or loved one, the impact that you had was pivotal on their road to success, and we want you to take part in celebrating this moment.

Submit your message of congratulations for the graduate you stood behind every step of the way and we will share it below on our Message Wall.

Congrats to my granddaughter Bri-Bri. I'm so proud of ur accomplishments. U r strong and bright. U r one that shows great strength and with hard work u can go anywhere in life u want to go. Keep reaching igh. May god keep u in his hands and bless u forever

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Laila Tull

Congratulations Mom! All of your hard work juggling college, a job and your son has finally paid off! This is just the beginning...

John Young
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Class of 2021

Dear Class of 2021, your determination to graduate is a testament to your strength and passion; you have overcome myriad obstacles, and you will continue to transform your lives and the lives of those around you. Whatever the future may bring, may your light always shine!

Dr. Stephanie Scordia
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Jose Carlos Matias Santamaria
We made it!
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BHHS - Class of 2020

Congratulations to all 2020 and 2021 BHHS graduates! You've done the readings, the projects, and the papers. You've practiced your skills time and again. You are ready to be a transformative influence in the lives of your future clients. BHHS Faculty are so proud of you! Kudos!!!

Will Miller
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Jelanah Shuler

Love you lane, i’m so proud to see you graduating and you’re the best big sis anyone could ask for. ❤️❤️

Jaylen Lee
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Mia Whaley

Congratulations Mia This Is Just The Beginning!! Keep Grinding And Working Hard!! Im So Proud Of You!!

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Averil Combs

Bill, Your grit and determination to achieve this goal is greatly admired. You did the work and was committed to giving it your all. I’m so proud of you and know you will continue until you reach your ultimate goal in this educational journey. Well done Mr. Combs!

Loretta Carter
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Andrew Farrell

Congratulations on this major accomplishment! We are so very proud of you. You have inspired me personally to do better in my own life. Our boys are so lucky to have an amazing father like you. We love you so much and we will always be right here cheering you on

Jessica & Julius
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Congratulations to all CCP graduates! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors. ~

Jennifer Tront
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Tiffany Chism

To my sister and best friend, Tiffany.

I could not think of anyone better to share this day with!

May your next chapter be your best!

I love you soooo much



Nicole Chism
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Chosadziva Whayo

Good things come to those who wait.

Great things come to those who really go for it.


Karen Duckett
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Congratulations Markesha!! So proud of your accomplishments and dedication. Can't wait to see and hear what's next for you....I know it'll be great!

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Alia Logan

Alia....I cannot tell you just how proud I am of this accomplishment. You have inspired me in many ways! Keep pushing forward! I’m excited for your future and upcoming and continuous accomplishments.

Love Natalie

Natalie Henderson
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Kayleigh Liggitt

I'm so proud of you and so so happy I met you!

I would not have survived these semesters without you and Cathy!

Keep on slayin' your academics and learning things you didn't know!

Congratulations on your first graduation bb! Your next will be even better! *smooches*

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