Class of 2021 Message Wall

We know that our graduates didn’t cross the finish line alone; they had you cheering for them on from the beginning. Whether you’re a professor, friend, classmate, mentor or loved one, the impact that you had was pivotal on their road to success, and we want you to take part in celebrating this moment.

Submit your message of congratulations for the graduate you stood behind every step of the way and we will share it below on our Message Wall.

Shenoah Shannon

I Love You, So Much and I am so Proud of You. Yes it's been a Long Journey, but you never gave up. Go Nono

Tamika Shannon
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Mia Whaley

Congratulations Mia This Is Just The Beginning!! Keep Grinding And Working Hard!! Im So Proud Of You!!

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Laila Tull


I’m so proud of you! You decided to do it and you did!!! Their is no limit to what God can do! Keep the faith and continue to soar! God bless!!

Reshaun Carlton
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Class of 2021

I want to thank CCP staff for always helping me out and always being on top of things. I also want to congratulate all of the students graduating, you guys all worked very hard and should be proud of yourselves. Everyone stay safe and healthy!!

Stephanie M Santiago-Cruz
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Cierrah Brown

Congratulations Cousy. I Love You Soooo Much You Did It. Super Proud Of You. It’s Up Now lol

Timia Aaliyah
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Christopher Anthony Folgia, Jr.

"If I have a monument in this world, it is my son." - Maya Angelou. I am so proud of who you are, the compassion you have for others and the passion for the career you have chosen. I love you "son"shine. Mom

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Adia Cottrell

I am so proud of you as well as happy for you I remember many sleepless night trying to study for our Bigogly class! And look at where u are!!! I know no matter what you will always reach your goals! Cannot wait to celebrate with you! I wish u the best of luck —love you ❤️

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Cierrah Brown

Words will never express how very proud I am of u pooh ur doing big things and big things are coming ur way keep pushing the sky is not the limit so don’t let anyone ever tell u it ur what someone so many young women should want to be love uuuuu

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Chosadziwa Whayo

Congratualtions on your Gradution Mom. All your efforts have paid off. I am so proud of you and I want you to have a good time and enjoy this wonderful achievement.

Thank you for always being there for us and now it is our turn to be there for you. Love you!!!

Mtendere W. Kulemeka
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Sumayyah Daniels

Congratulations to my forever friend! I love you dearly and I’m so proud of the accomplishments that you’ve made. Keep shining and making everyone proud!

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Nathalie Torres

Congrats to my older sister on getting her associates degree from #CCP! It’s never to late to accomplish your goals. It’s a marathon, not a race 100! Thank you for continuing to show my nieces what a strong, intelligent and determined woman looks like keep winning queen! 2021Grad

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Cierrah Briwn
Congratulations Cierrah!!
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Adia Chinue Cottrell

I am so happy to share in the excitement of your College Graduation. We are so proud of you and all of your future endeavors. Always acknowledge God in all of your accomplishments. Know that we will always be by your side to encourage you to strive to continue to be your best.

Kerry Cottrell
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Ji Pan

Congratulations on your wonderful work and graduation! I so admire your writing and thinking and know you will continue to succeed in your education. I missed learning about Chinese poetry and discussing politics with you this year. I hope you have a wonderful summer!

Cindy Giddle
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Jason Jefferson

Congratulations, Jason, shoot for the stars. Continue you education, study. Trust me the hard work will pay off! Love, MOM AND DAD!

Nakia Jefferson
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