Class of 2021 Message Wall

We know that our graduates didn’t cross the finish line alone; they had you cheering for them on from the beginning. Whether you’re a professor, friend, classmate, mentor or loved one, the impact that you had was pivotal on their road to success, and we want you to take part in celebrating this moment.

Submit your message of congratulations for the graduate you stood behind every step of the way and we will share it below on our Message Wall.

Cierrah Brown

To my magnificent niece, words can’t explain how proud I am of you! Your determination and strive keeps the fuel hot so you can keep pushing onward. You are setting such a wonderful example for your bundle of joy. Congratulations are in order for the woman you’ve became Love you

Elexis Barnes
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Andrew Farrell
Congrats bro, all it takes is hard work and dedication! On to the next one!
Oscar Dungan
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Alia Logan

Congratulations Alia you are beautiful inside and out, you are smart kind and most of humble. I a so happy for you and super proud of you. There is nothing but GREATNESS in your future. #Classof2021

Tynise White
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Tasha Myrick

This is just one milestone that you should be proud of. I'm very proud of you and know your future endeavors are right around the corner. Your ambition and determination will take you to the highest level of success. Stay focused and continue on your journey. Love you always.

Robin Winters
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Jelanah Shuler

You turned your can'ts into "CANS" and your dreams into "PLANS" stay strong keep "THE PUSH"

Thomas & Judyth Sloan
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Cierrah Briwn
Congratulations Cierrah!!
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Nursing Class of 2021
You have made it!!! Congratulations on achieving a dream!!!!!!!
Jean Byrd
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Donna Phillips

Congratulations Donna, I am so glad that we met. We were the "Dream Team", side note, we still are. I have had the pleasure of meeting some awesome women on my eduational journey and so proud of what you have accomplished. Keep shining and rising to the top. Class of "2020"

Vashti P. Starks
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Andre Williams

Congratulations Mr. Williams! Best of luck to you! You are headed for great things!

Gardella Cardwell
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Alia S Logan

Behind you are all your memories. Before you are all your dreams. Around you are all who love you. Within you is all you need. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you want. I want you to believe DEEP in your heart that you’re capable of doing anything.

Dewetta Logan
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Christopher Anthony Folgia, Jr.

I may not be there with you right now but remember the classes we attended virtually, times we studied, tests taken & all the love & encouragement. I know all the compassion you'll have for the people you will care for. I'm always in your heart. Thank you for loving me. Lulu

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Mia Whaley

Congrats Best ... it’s only up from here

I’m so extremely proud of you. The road wasn’t easy but you never gave up that’s what I admire about you the most ... I love you & I’ll be here rooting for you, supporting you & uplifting you always & Forever Jessica ❤️

Jessica Hardy
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Nathalie Torres
Congratulations Nathalie. Continue to reach for the stars. Love, Janet.
Janet Oquendo
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Amalin Vanessa Carbajal

To my hardworking, smart, determined, beautiful niece.

Congratulations!!!! You said you would and you did. Big cheers to one of your many more great accomplishments I have yet to witness. Continue to work hard and persevere. You make me so proud. I love you tons.

Marynez Burgos-Irizarry
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Carolyn Custis-McCrea

Carolyn, sending all the best wishes, and all my love to you on this major milestone in your life! I am proud to know you and very grateful that God crossed our paths. The sky is the limit, keep climbing. May God continue blessing you.

Love you, Phyllis

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