Class of 2021 Message Wall

We know that our graduates didn’t cross the finish line alone; they had you cheering for them on from the beginning. Whether you’re a professor, friend, classmate, mentor or loved one, the impact that you had was pivotal on their road to success, and we want you to take part in celebrating this moment.

Submit your message of congratulations for the graduate you stood behind every step of the way and we will share it below on our Message Wall.

Vladimir Merard

I know you have put up a lot of work and determination. Facing all the challenges you encountered with strength and confidence, that is why you deserve a spotlight. Congratulations on your achievement and wishing you many more years of success.

Doris Chery
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Janea Alicia Shubert

I’ve watched you grow so much! I’m so proud of the person you are and I’m so glad to call you my sister! I love you Nani and congratulations!

Christina Benson
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Averil (Billy) Combs

Congratulations on your accomplishment. Keep striving for all that is ahead! May God bless you in your future endeavors!

Cornelia Combs
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Lashonda Harrold

Congrats, so proud of you. Through it all you made it.

Be blessed and continue to move higher.

We love you so much

from Grandmom Lillian Dad, aunts and uncles cousins sister children and all family.

LaVern Allen
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Sakinah Abdul-Fattah

Congratulations to my daughter Sakinah Abdul-Fattah for all of her dedication and commitment In achieving her goals. I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good work, and continue to strive for the best. It has been amazing watching you grow into an amazing young lady. I love you.

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Carolyn Mccrea

Hey aunt carol, it’s your nephew/son, congratulations on graduating you did it! And the family is proud of you many more blessings to come forward. Love you ❤️

Ty’Qann Custis
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Alia Logan

Congratulations Alia you have an abundance of good things coming to you this year. All your hard work has paid off. Proud to know you. Love you and congratulations again.

Keeara Love
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Melaney Heng
Congratulations Melaney! Best of luck to you!
Gardella Cardwell
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Natalia Matias

Felicidades de parte de tu abuela, te quiero mucho y deseo que cumplas todas tus metas.

Carmen Almanzar
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Natalia Matías Almánzar

Natalia, te felicito por haber culminado con éxito tus estudios, me siento muy orgullosa de ti, porque siempre logras Todo lo que te propones. Agradecida con Dios de ser tu amiga y hermana. Recuerda que la vida está llena de tropiezos, pero con Dios todo es posible. Love you ❤️

Karla Rosangel Jiménez Barrera
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Diamond Wells Jackson

Congratulations Baby girl! You did that!! Mommy is so proud of you. You are accomplishing your dreams !

Keep showing us how it’s done ! On to the next endeavor ....

Love you tremendously


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Nathalie Torres

The world awaits all that you have to offer, keep achieving, keep accomplishing, but never forget to keep being the person you are today - kind, caring and compassionate. Very proud of you my friend, Congratulations!

Barbara Díaz
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Angel Hicks


Bernadette Barnaby
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MaST Mc2 Graduates
Congrats on your graduation and best wishes for the future!!
Megan Barbano-Maxwell
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Jelanah Shuler

Hi Mom, I've watched you overcome many obstacles all while providing for our household. I thank you for everything you have done for our family. I'm so very proud of you for preserving and pushing through when things got tough. You've created a legacy I want follow. I love youu!

Kaila Shuler
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