BIOL 100 - Introduction to Life Sciences

Credit Hours: 4

Introduction to Life Sciences is a first-year experience course designed to assist students interested in any career related to biological/life sciences in the development of the behaviors and strategies required for college-level academic inquiry and college success. The course introduces the scientific method, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and data interpretation as well as effective communication and academic integrity. Students must demonstrate classroom behaviors associated with success (attendance, punctuality, participation) and develop college preparedness skills (such as time management, reading and note taking for comprehension, study methods, and test taking strategies). Students in the Biological Sciences AA program will be required to enroll in BIOL 100 within the first 18 credits.

Additional Course Fees: $175


FNMT 017 or FNMT 019, which may be taken concurrently or placement in FNMT 118 or higher.


  1. Work successfully within an LMS through downloading, modifying, saving and uploading files from/to LMS.
  2. Explain the importance of time management for academic success and submit assignments in a timely manner.
  3. Develop an academic plan, a financial plan and a career/transfer plan based on the student’s individual academic and career goals.
  4. Take accurate and comprehensive notes from a lecture and by outlining material from a textbook.
  5. Explain the steps in the scientific method and apply them to solve a problem.
  6. Perform basic mathematical functions, standard data presentation forms, and data interpretation
  7. Evaluate a word problem and define the essential question and the process necessary to solve/answer it.
  8. Use laboratory equipment commonly employed in biological research, e.g., light microscope and measuring devices.