CIS 297 - Network Technology and Management Capstone

Credit Hours: 4

Students engage in a group project in which they respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) engaged by a fictitious company. The RFP will encompass a multifaceted process involving the management of implementation processes required to address the needs of the RFP. The results of the RFP will include including needs analysis, equipment and software identification, budget expenditures, staffing requirements, technical reports, timelines, project assignments within groups and network design schematics and diagrams. At the conclusion of the accumulation of required elements, students will behave as if the fictional company has selected and accepted their proposal response and bid, resulting in the creation of a miniature network infrastructure addressing the needs of the fictitious company. Throughout the project, practical implementation and application of management principles and network technologies required in business and other corporate environments will be evaluated and assessed. Elements of the finished network infrastructure and documentation will include functioning servers of various types (i.e., video, e-mail, web and database servers) combined with wired and wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) technologies. The course is highly advantageous for those who desire gaining employment at the network administrator or mid-management level in a technical department or enterprise.

Additional course fee: $85.


CIS 253, and CIS 257


ENGL 117MNGT 142