DMI 297 - Clinical Education V

Credit Hours: 2

During Clinical Education V, students will continue to work on the completion of clinical competency requirements. Students usually require indirect supervision when performing general diagnostic procedures and patient care activities completed in previous semesters. Students will report to clinical on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 14 weeks. Clinical rotations include general inpatient, general outpatient, emergency room/trauma radiography, fluoroscopy, orthopedic radiography, portable radiography and surgical radiography. Each rotation will be one to two weeks (3-6 days) in length. Introductory rotations through the advanced imaging modalities of CT, DEXA, IR, Mammography, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy and Ultrasound will conclude this semester. Each intro rotation will be one week in length, and students will spend no more than four out of the fourteen weeks in advanced modalities.

Additional Course Fees: $345


DMI 221, DMI 231 and DMI 261