Dietetics Courses

DIET 106 - Nutrition for Healthy Life

Credit Hours: 3

Introduction to the science of nutrition with an emphasis on the application of optimal nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. Presents basic nutrition principles for students to analyze and apply to their nutrition habits. The students will utilize a variety of tools and techniques, including computer applications, to evaluate their lifestyles.

Offered Online:Yes

DIET 111 - Introduction to Nutrition

Credit Hours: 3

Aspiring nurses and other healthcare professionals will obtain foundational knowledge in human nutrition science and evaluate lifestyle behaviors as determinants of health, wellness, and prevention of chronic disease. The course will provide evidence-based recommendations for nutrients and energy throughout the lifecycle. Learners will identify the consequences of inadequate and excess consumption of nutrients and will explore the influence that food behaviors, environment, culture and physical activity have on health and wellbeing. 
Fulfills Interpretive Studies requirement 

Offered Online:Yes

ENGL 101 and BIOL 109 with a "C" or higher.