Mobile Application Development Proficiency Certificate


The Mobile Application Development Proficiency Certificate prepares students to begin careers as native application developers for Android and iOS operating systems. With beginner and intermediate classes dedicated to apps for both major platforms, students will have knowledge and hands-on experience to become specialists in either platform. No prior programming experience is required or expected. Students will learn programming fundamentals in browser-based environments before moving on to languages native to the Android and iOS platforms. Students will leave the program with experience in programming apps using device APIs, developing apps that use device sensors, designing interfaces, creating forms and capturing data from user interfaces. Students will demonstrate how to apply these concepts to develop real applications that can be deployed to devices such as phones and tablets.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the Mobile Application Development Proficiency Certificate, students will be able to:

  • Differentiate methods of remote data retrieval and integrate custom applications with data from remote APIs
  • Explain and identify device sensor APIs and use them in programs in order to capture and integrate sensor data
  • Describe data input concepts and capture data input via forms for integration into a program
  • Identify and apply techniques to create native app interfaces
  • Define Object-Oriented programming terminology and concepts and apply them within the context of application development

Program Entry Requirements:

This certificate is open to interested students. Students are required to satisfy placement at the time of admission. Students who are identified as needing developmental course work must satisfactorily complete the appropriate English and mathematics courses as part of the certificate when applicable.

Program of Study and Graduation Requirements:

Successful completion of the program requires a "C" grade or better in each of the courses listed.

Course Sequence:

Course Number and Name Prerequisites Credits
CIS 114 - JavaScript I   4 credits
CIS 200: Apple App Development I CIS 114 or CIS 106 or CSCI 111 4 credits
CIS 211 - Android App Development I CIS 114 or CIS 106 or CSCI 111 4 credits
CIS 201 - Apple App Development II CIS 200 4 credits
CIS 212 - Android App Development II CIS 211 4 credits

Minimum Credits Needed to Graduate:


General Education Requirements:

All general education requirements necessary for graduation are met through the courses in the program as indicated above. Students who wish to take courses that differ from the general education courses indicated above must complete a course substitution request form. To access the form, login to the MyCCP portal, and in the Student tab, under Electronic Forms, click on the Records and Registration Forms link, then choose Request For Course Substitution Of Graduation Requirement link. A more detailed explanation of the College's general education requirements is also available.

For More Information, Contact:

The Computer Technologies Dept., Room C3-1, 1700 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19130. Telephone (215) 496-6134; or call the College Information Center (215) 751-8010.