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Community College of Philadelphia

Where Will You Go

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I'm from Cambodia. I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. My mom and dad and my five siblings, we came here to America sponsored by a church. We ended up going to a Christian school and building our life in America...

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Me and my two sons, we moved up here. I did a little bit of research online and I found the Community College of Philadelphia. I went with the first thing I saw—I kind of lucked up so to speak. I knew I wanted to do nursing so I did a little bit of research and saw what I needed to do to get into the program.

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I’m going to graduate next semester in May. I’ve already signed up for the Dual Admissions program for Temple University. I’ll major in African Studies.

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I applied to Community College of Philadelphia and I started working towards getting all of the requirements for the Nursing program. A couple of mishaps, but I’m here. I got in and I graduate at the end of May.

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