Departmental Challenge Exam

There are many courses that you may challenge by taking a Departmental Challenge Exam. Below is a listing of Community College of Philadelphia courses that may be challenged through Departmental Challenge Exams.

Please note the following important information about Departmental Challenge Exams:

  • Eligibility requirements are completion of course prerequisite with a grade of "C-" or better
  • You must be currently enrolled at the College
  • Departmental Challenge Exams may only be taken once for each course
  • Not all departments permit credit by exam

To request a Departmental Challenge Exam, email or visit the Transfer Credit and Placement Office on the Main Campus in the Mint Building, Ground Floor, Room MG-17.

Next steps:

  • Notification of eligibility and exam information will be sent via email.
  • Upon receiving approval to take the exam, a nonrefundable charge (except in extenuating circumstances) of $159 will be placed onto your account.
    • This fee is applied for each course taken by Departmental Challenge Exam.
    • Financial aid does not cover the cost of Departmental Challenge Exams.
  • Payments may be made in person at the Office of Student Tuition Services on the Main Campus in the Bonnell Building, Ground Floor, Room BG-38, or online via MyCCP.
    • For all payments made in person, you must inform the Office of Student Tuition Services that payments are to be applied to the Credit by Exam charge.
    • Payments made online will be applied to outstanding charges before the Credit by Exam charge is satisfied.
  • Photo ID will be required for testing.

If credit has been earned, it will appear on your academic record upon receipt of the completed Departmental Challenge Exam. No letter grade is awarded; all Departmental Challenge Exams receive grades of “pass” or “fail.” Code "CE" (Credit by Examination) will be recorded on your academic record upon passing the exam. Departmental Challenge Exams are not included in your grade point average (GPA). If you intend to transfer, contact your college of choice to confirm acceptance of CLEP.

Courses Eligible for a Departmental Challenge Exam

Course descriptions and prerequisite information may be found in the College Catalog.

Course Title Credits
ASL 215 ASL Fingerspelling 3
ASL 231 Advanced American Sign Language I 3
CIS 103 Applied Computer Technology 3
FNMT 118 Intermediate Algebra 3
MATH 161 Precalculus I 3
MATH 162 Precalculus II 3
MATH 171 Calculus I 4
MATH 172 Calculus II 4
MATH 270 Linear Algebra 4
MUS 100 Music Reading 3
MUS 101 Piano I 1
MUS 102 Piano II 1
MUS 103 Introduction to Music 3
MUS 196 Ensemble I 1
MUS 197 Ensemble II 1