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Credit for What You Know

With Credit for What You Know, students may be able to gain course credit at Community College of Philadelphia for college-level knowledge and skills gained through work experience, classes, independent learning, various exams and more, including:

  • Employment experience
  • Workplace training
  • Military training and service
  • Independent study
  • Professional certifications
  • Examinations (national exams such as AP, IB, CLEP and DSST)
  • Departmental challenge examinations
  • High school career and technical education programs, such as PA's SOAR
  • Noncredit programs completed at Community College of Philadelphia
  • Independent study
  • Volunteer services

Ways to Earn College Credit for Prior Learning

Prior Learning Assessment for Veterans

Some of the training and instruction you received in the military may be eligible for college credit.

Refer to PLA for Veterans for more information

Credit Programs with Prior Learning Credits

The College has programs that are designed for students who seek a degree that recognized work and experience as part of college learning: Individualized Studies AAS and Applied Engineering Technology AAS..

Refer to the Individualized Studies page for more information.

College-Level Exam Program

The College-Level Exam Program (CLEP) was created by the College Board to allow students to demonstrate college-level achievement through a series of exams in undergraduate content. All CLEP testing is computer-based and exams are available year-round.

Learn more about CLEP options.

Departmental Challenge Exam

There are many courses that you may challenge by taking a departmental challenge exam. Explore a complete listing of Community College of Philadelphia courses that may be challenged through Departmental Challenge Exams.

Learn more about Departmental Challenge Exams.

Advanced Placement

Students may receive credit for some courses by taking the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exam. Test scores are valid for five (5) years.

View accepted courses for college placement and/or credit.


Credit for High School Career and Technical Education (CTE)

High school students can earn college credit towards their program of study at Community College of Philadelphia. Students must meet with their guidance counselor to review requirements for earning college credit. Visit CollegeTransfer.Net for a listing of approved courses. Completed Students Occupationally and Academically Ready (SOAR) applications and applications for local programs must be submitted by the Office of Career and Technical Education at the School District of Philadelphia to for processing.

Learn more about High School (CTE) programs.

Evaluation of Noncredit or Alternative Learning

Professional trainings, experience and certifications may qualify you to earn college credit. Individual portfolios including résumés, transcripts and auditions may be required for assessment of college-level learning. For consideration of course credit, please follow the steps below.

  1. Review the course listing
  2. First-time students or if you have not attended the College within the past two years, complete an admissions application. All other students proceed to step 3.
  3. Email for document submission

*Note: All submissions will require a nonrefundable payment of $159 for evaluation. This fee is based on the tuition rate for one credit hour and is subject to change as rates increase. Payment does not guarantee course credit. Approved course credit will be applied to your academic record within 30 business days.

Receive Credit for Completing Select Noncredit Certificate Programs

Workforce Development Certificate programs offer an option that prepares students for entry-level positions in the workforce. These noncredit certificate programs provide academic credits that can be used towards specific credit-bearing degree program upon completion and enrollment in the credit degree program.

Learn more about Non-Credit and Certificate Programs for College Credits

Students are eligible for credits upon completion of the program and passing the corresponding certification exams; these credits will be added after the student has completed a credit in the credit-bearing degree program. The following programs have articulation credits:

  • Electro-Mechanical Technician (Advanced Manufacturing): up to 6 block credits
  • Computer Numeric Control Technician (CNC): 14 block credits
  • Dental Assisting: 3 general elective credits
  • Certified Nurse Assistant: 3 general elective credits 
  • Child Development Associate: up to 9 credits

If you have completed one of these noncredit programs, the form to request credits for a credit-bearing degree program can be found under dynamic forms in the myccp portal in the Admissions forms section.

For questions about which noncredit programs qualify for college-level credits, please contact Corporate Solutions at 215.496.6158 or