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Graduates from 10,000 Small Businesses program reveal key lessons, as Greater Philly emerges as a new growth engine for minority-and women-owned businesses

10/16/2019 - 5:03pm
Goldman-Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses-Greater Philadelphia program hosted a Philadelphia Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week event as part of the Oct. 7-11 celebration, which highlights minority businesses and connects them to vital resources to help their firms grow. Through Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, participants can gain practical skills in topics such as negotiation, marketing, and employee management. In addition, business owners receive the tools and professional support to develop a strategic and customized growth plan. Marsia Henley, procurement manager for Community College of Philadelphia discussed contract protocols and business opportunities at the college and a panel of graduates from the 10,000 Small Businesses program also discussed how they applied the key lessons to their businesses.

Nonprofits join forces to provide ‘one-stop shop’ for youth seeking housing, medical services

10/11/2019 - 10:47am
To increase access to housing services for patients of FIGHT's Y-HEP Adolescent and Young Adult Health Center, the HIV-prevention group has teamed up with social services organization Valley Youth House.The nonprofits kicked off a collaboration Sept. 9 that has two Valley Youth House staff members visiting the Y-HEP Health Center on Mondays from 2-5 p.m. to connect patients experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness with housing counseling, emergency housing referrals and resources including clothing, personal hygiene products and sleeping bags. The clinic serves patients ages 13-24. Those at least 18 years old can also work with staffers to complete the Office of Homeless Services’ coordinated entry housing assessment , a tool that matches eligible people with housing within 3-6 months, said Zakia Dodson, FIGHT’s community health worker.The Y-HEP Health Center initiative is one of four “mobile sites” Valley Youth House debuted in Philadelphia this summer. Staff also visit the Mazzoni Center’s...

Attorney General Josh Shapiro talks the student debt crisis at the Community College of Philadelphia

10/11/2019 - 9:55am
Pennsylvania is “ground zero” for student debt, but its attorney general is fighting to change that.. He calls for free community colleges in the Commonwealth. As for policies he thinks should be in place, there were many for Shapiro, but two of the most important of the town hall were his support of free community college education along with income-based determinations for state and state-affiliated institutions and exemption of all student debt in the event of declared bankruptcy.Regarding the latter, student loan debt is the only kind of debt not to be wiped out after declaring bankruptcy. In some cases, the institution can declare bankruptcy, but leave students saddled with federal loans — which only become exempt after expensive court fights. When asked about bankruptcy forgiveness for student loans, Shapiro, speaking at Community College of Philadelphia, was adamant. He also called upon the state to make community colleges free.

Delco college, Citizens partner for regional maritime training center

10/09/2019 - 5:04pm
Local leaders, including Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, recently joined Citizens Bank, the Collegiate Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development, PhilaPort, and Philadelphia Works to celebrate the official opening of the Citizens Bank Regional Maritime Training Center.Citizens Bank Chairman and CEO Bruce Van Saun cut the ribbon on the new facility, located at 3062 South 61st Street in Philadelphia. He also announced an additional $75,000 investment to expand training opportunities for maritime industry personnel. The $75,000 investment is in addition to $100,000 the bank provided last year to help create the center. “We are proud to support the Citizens Bank Regional Maritime Training Center and its continued expansion to serve the maritime industry,” Van Saun said. “Providing the region with its first formalized maritime training program will help elevate the local workforce and drive economic growth".

Philly to host city-wide innovation festival

10/09/2019 - 4:57pm
Some of the locations for the festival will include Independence Blue Cross, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, Community College of Philadelphia, the Curtis Institute for Music, Temple University, Drexel University, the Science Center, and Jefferson University.

Listen Up, Philly Employers: Here’s What Your LGBTQ+ Employees Need From You

10/09/2019 - 4:48pm
Former orientation leader at Community College of Philadelphia Shailynn Gabriel has had to balance being a student while working, which is complicated because of the constant misgendering and lack of knowledge about the queer community on the part of Gabriel’s peers in each setting. "The one thing that affected my work was having everyone at work get used to my pronouns before I stopped using them altogether,” Gabriel said. “I had to ask on multiple occasions to not be referred to as ‘lady.’” ...“I understood that it took time for everyone to get used to my pronouns, but it just gave me anxiety having to constantly remind everyone,” Gabriel said. “Once everyone got around to using my pronouns, I felt validated and even relieved that I didn’t have to keep giving those constant reminders.”

Chinatown fosters an environment where small businesses can thrive

10/09/2019 - 4:29pm
The Chinatown Learning Center, a bilingual preschool and after school program on Spring street, received the Minority Business Award from the city after receiving counseling from the PCDC. Classes are taught by PCDC experts and occasionally outside sources, like the Community College of Philadelphia, which supported PCDC by teaching a social media workshop last May. Outside of classes, PCDC supports the economy of the entirety of Chinatown by finding ways to bring in new visitors.In 2016, when the Chinese Lantern Festival came to Franklin Square for the first time, PCDC worked to redirect traffic to the center of Chinatown. PCDC also hosts annual cultural events and the YeShi Night Market — a nighttime block party that brings in about 20,000 visitors each year.

‘Around the Table’: Sen. Cory Booker talks water crisis, income inequality

10/07/2019 - 1:07pm
Community College of Philadelphia Nursing student Tria Jones, a KEYS participant, was selected by ABC News to have dinner with New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. The network posted a clip and video online.

Everything you need to know about Philadelphia’s new voting machines

10/07/2019 - 1:03pm
The new equipment will debut in November — despite concerns about favoritism and security. Roary, the Community College of Philadelphia mascot, is pictured using the new voting machines at the CCP Votes event.

Upcoming B.PHL Innovation Fest inspired by SXSW

10/07/2019 - 1:00pm
Excitement is building for the B.PHL Innovation Fest, Philadelphia's first city-wide innovation festival. The three-day event, which takes place October 15-17, will include interactive workshops, speakers, and exhibits exploring innovation in health care, business, education, science and technology, social impact and the arts. Download our app once you have your badge so you can start to build your schedule. There are 20 minutes between sessions so you will have plenty of time to get where you want to be. Most events are walkable and there will be a discount available for Indego Bike Share. Community College of Philadelphia is among the partners. Badges are $250 through B.PHL Fest. You can register here . For every badge purchased, we will be giving one away for free. We want everyone to have a chance to participate in the festival.

Matt O'Donnell Tackles the Exploding Cost of Higher Education and More in the True Philadelphia Podcast

10/07/2019 - 12:18pm
Dr. Donald Guy Generals has been running the largest institution of higher learning in the city, Community College of Philadelphia, for five years now. We gathered in Dr. General's office in the historic Mint Building (which was once the home of the Third Philadelphia Mint) to brainstorm about the state of higher learning.

Community College Of Philadelphia Marks National Voter Registration Day With 'CCP Votes'

10/07/2019 - 12:16pm
The event is designed to prepare students and residents for Philadelphia's upcoming election on Nov. 5.

WHYY Broadcasts Story on Community College Of Philadelphia's New Mascot

10/07/2019 - 12:15pm
Community College of Philadelphia unveils a new school mascot after two years of debate. Roary, the lion, replaces Colonel Phil, a white man wearing a try corner hat which students in twenty seventeen said was a call back to a period where slavery was still in effect.

Roary, Community College of Philadelphia’s new mascot, finds their place and their pride

10/07/2019 - 12:02pm
Roary, Community College of Philadelphia’s new mascot, arrived on Main Campus today to fanfare, with music blaring, people dancing, and the roar of their pride. In keeping with the College’s commitment to provide a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for all students and all Philadelphians, Roary identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. This is Philly’s second non-gendered mascot, the other being Squiggles at the Please Touch Museum. Roary is believed to be one of the first non-binary college mascots in the nation.

Community College Of Philadelphia Marks National Voter Registration Day With 'CCP Votes'

10/07/2019 - 11:55am
The event is designed to prepare students and residents for Philadelphia's upcoming election on Nov. 5.

Philadelphia trains more than 2,000 people in 1 day to be 2020 ‘Census Champions’

10/07/2019 - 11:52am
They were among more than 2,000 people in the city and surrounding counties who trained on Tuesday to spread accurate information about the census in their communities and to persuade their neighbors to participate next year.Philly Counts 2020, a city census initiative, organized the more than 70 trainings, many hosted by community organizations. The city also has partnered with FactSumo, a Duolingo-esque learning app, to offer the training online and via app. Area community-based organizations such as Make the Road, VietLead, and the Philadelphia Chinese United Association hosted Tuesday’s trainings, which were available in several languages: American Sign Language, English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, and Cantonese. Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church held a training when congregants usually attend their weekly bible study. The John C. Anderson Apartments, LGBTQ-friendly senior housing, and the Community College of Philadelphia also hosted trainings. The city hosted some for city employees.

Philly Community College Roars With New Nonbinary Mascot

10/07/2019 - 11:49am
Community College of Philadelphia introduces their new mascot, Roary, the lion. They replaced their previous mascot, Colonial Phil because students did not feel he represented the college’s diversity.

Who is Acting Philadelphia Police Commissioner Christine Coulter?

10/07/2019 - 11:44am
Deputy Coulter is an experienced police commander with nearly 30 years of law enforcement service. During her position as deputy she was responsible for professional support services to enable officers in the field to have the training, equipment and support personnel that is needed. Coulter has served or commanded in patrol, narcotics intelligence, investigations and special patrol. She holds a Master of Science degree in Public Safety Management from Saint Joseph's University, a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management from Eastern University and an Associate degree in Criminal Justice from the Community College of Philadelphia. She is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command.

CCP teaches girls about STEM through summer camp

10/07/2019 - 11:41am
Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) offered a week-long “Girls in STEM” camp in August to empower young females to pursue their interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) studies. “At Community College of Philadelphia, we pride ourselves on playing a significant role in diversifying the local STEM workforce and providing a strong talent pipeline,” said Donald Guy Generals, president of Community College of Philadelphia in a statement. The launch of our Transportation Summer Camp session and our recent $7.2 million investment in our biology, chemistry, and microbiology labs reinforces our college’s commitment in expanding access to STEM resources and opportunities across Philadelphia. ”The “Girls in STEM” camp, which was exclusive to girls, was one of two Transportation Summer Camp sessions geared toward sixth to eighth graders. CCP also held a co-ed boys and girls STEM camp that focused on the future of young people in STEM transportation field.

How I found my voice and embraced my roots — despite a failed ESL journey

10/07/2019 - 11:06am
"Looking back, I wish that I didn’t allow outside forces to make me feel like some of the most beautiful parts of myself were a disadvantage," says Kensington Voice journalist Solmaira Valerio. Instead, I went to The Community College of Philadelphia, where I decided to study photography. I knew that I really enjoyed taking photos, and I felt like this was something I could succeed at because it did not revolve around writing. I failed my English placement test when I applied, so I had to take an introductory English class before taking any for-credit courses. On my first day of that class, when the professor asked us to write a short paragraph about ourselves, I raised my hand and asked her how to start writing one. She looked at me in disbelief. I felt really embarrassed and incompetent. At that point, I still didn’t know how to structure a...

World record attempt for ‘most roars’ at CCP mascot reveal, replacing symbol of colonialism

09/30/2019 - 5:26pm
Teams at Community College of Philadelphia will now be repped by a lion instead of “Colonial Phil.” “I think it’s different, I think its changing it up,” Butler said. “I know Colonial Phil has probably been here for years [but] rebranding and rechanging it to a lion kind of fits the bill of CCP having that lion mentality. ”He’s curious to see the finished product when the mascot is officially unveiled. CCP is going all out with the reveal, which Dean of Students Asencio said he sees as an opportunity to generate school spirit. At a noon pride party emceed by sports personality Marc Farzetta, the crowd will try to break the World Record for “Most People Roaring Simultaneously."

HEADS OF STATE: 150 miles south of Washington, a crumbling shrine to presidential history. Photographs by Hannah Price / Text by Mark Leibovich

09/30/2019 - 5:22pm
The place in question is a ragged industrial field that has become the repository for 42 giant busts of American presidents, sculpted by an artist named David Adickes, each some 15 to 18 feet in height and eight to 10 tons in weight. They used to inhabit something called Presidents Park, in nearby Williamsburg, but after that place closed in 2010, the orphaned commanders in concrete were transported by flatbed to Croaker, about 12 miles away. The brief but treacherous journey left the heads in various states of disrepair. Bill Clinton is missing part of his right ear. Woodrow Wilson looks as though he has leprosy. Ronald Reagan might have been struck by lightning. Abraham Lincoln has a hole in the back of his skull — as if he needed one of those!

City Training 1,000 People For Philly Counts 2020 Census

09/30/2019 - 5:10pm
The City of Philadelphia is gearing up for its Philly Counts 2020 campaign and will train 1,000 people to be "Census Champions." This initiative will prepare participants with the tools and information needed to accurately talk about the census in their community, dispel myths, and promote participation among neighbors, friends, and family. A Census Champion is a trusted messenger, trained to deliver the right information about the census at the right time. Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Community College of Philadelphia, Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians, Ceiba, PHL Diversity (PHLCVB), Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, Congreso, and Southwest CDC are among the locations where the training will take place.

Power moves at the Mayor's Fund for Philadelphia, Community College of Philadelphia and the Juvenile Law Center

09/30/2019 - 5:01pm
Shannon McLaughlin Rooney has been named the vice president of marketing and communications at Community College of Philadelphia, where she will be responsible for leading CCP’s marketing and communications teams and overseeing marketing efforts, public relations, publication design and content development, as well as its strategic communications and its website.

Money Moves: More than $4 million in funding was granted to Philadelphia-area orgs

09/30/2019 - 4:36pm
Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) has received a $1 million gift from the Joseph and Marie Field Foundation, to be disbursed over five years, to assist students who were unable to attend college immediately after their high school graduation. The gift is the largest scholarship donation ever made to CCP. Currently, CCP offers a Promise Scholarship which provides academically qualified Philadelphia high school graduates an opportunity to enroll at CCP with no cost for tuition or fees. Started by the CCP Foundation in 2015 to mark the College’s 50th Anniversary, the Promise Scholarship has supported approximately 900 high school graduates. Like that scholarship, the Joseph and Marie Field Foundation Scholarship will enable qualifying students to attend CCP with no cost for tuition or fees.

Listen here: WURD Founders Day Panel on the Future of Work

09/30/2019 - 4:16pm
Charles Ellison, host of Reality Check on WURD Radio, moderated a lively panel discussion on the future of work. Ellison and his colleagues examined ways to prepare for the technology that will bring robots into the workplaces and transform the employee experience. “What does it mean for us?" Ellison asked the crowd gathered for WURD's Founder's Day celebration on August 23, 2019 at the Free Library. “What does it mean for communities like us? How do we adapt, since we can’t stop this change? There is this world of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, and while, on the one hand, it might seem exciting, it is making people nervous because we don’t know what those changes mean!” Joining him were Dr. Donald Guy Generals, president of Community College of Philadelphia; Dr. Jamie M. Bracey-Green, director of the Center for Inclusive Competitiveness at Temple University; Jeff Brown, president and CEO of...

How This Apprenticeship Helps Educators Achieve Once Out-of-Reach Career Goals

09/30/2019 - 3:03pm
Yaribel Mercedes-Perez is one of 36 child care workers across Philadelphia accepted into the inaugural class of a first-of-its-kind apprenticeship program for early childhood educators. Mercedes-Perez has a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential, the first step of career development and a requirement for early childhood educators in many states. Launched in 2017, the apprenticeship program puts teachers in the field with a CDA on a fast-track to earn their associate degree, with up to four pay raises delivered along the way. The program awards nine credits for those who have a CDA credential and another nine credits from on-the-job learning. The remainder of her 62-credit degree comes from courses taken through the Community College of Philadelphia—either in-person classes held during the evenings or online whenever she can find the time. Five of the graduates have already enrolled in bachelor degree programs, at Drexel University or Arcadia University.

Here’s why you can’t buy a carton of cigarettes at any CVS

09/30/2019 - 2:09pm
CVS mentions us in an opinion column promoting the benefits of non-tobacco campuses. Through a five-year, $50 million investment, new strategies have helped increase the number of people leading tobacco-free lives and moved us one step closer to delivering the nation’s first tobacco-free generation. For example, we’ve partnered with the Truth Initiative and the American Cancer Society to engage hundreds of schools, like Bryn Mawr College, Community College of Philadelphia, Penn State University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania and University of Pittsburgh, to advocate for, adopt and implement tobacco-free campus policies. As a result of our efforts, more than 80 campuses have been added to the ranks of smoke- and tobacco-free colleges and universities in the past two years.

Christine Coulter, Philly’s new acting police commissioner, is the first woman to hold the position

08/21/2019 - 11:01am
Christine M. Coulter has become Philadelphia’s first female police commissioner. Coulter has an associate's degree in criminal justice from Community College of Philadelphia, along with a bachelor's in organizational management from Eastern University and a master's in public safety management from St. Jospeh's University. She has been on the force for nearly three decades in a variety of roles. — The Philadelphia Inquirer

Power Moves: Jasmine Sessoms joins Community College of Philadelphia

08/19/2019 - 2:26pm
Jasmine E. Sessoms, who has made Business Journal’s list of top leaders under age 40, will serve in a new cabinet-level position as the government relations officer for Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) . Herman Nyamunga will be the new director of Power Up Your Business, CCP’s neighborhood-based approach to economic development that offers free training to small businesses in vital commercial corridors. — Generocity

Philly powerlifter, 69, overcame blindness, homelessness, addiction, cancer, and the death of his daughter to become a champion

08/14/2019 - 12:15pm
Charles King, one of the oldest blind powerlifters in the world, finished first in his weight and age class last month at the United States Association of Blind Athletes National Powerlifting Championships. He became homeless after becoming blind at 39 but turned his life around a few years later. He enrolled in Community College of Philadelphia, where he graduated with a 3.4 GPA and an associate's degree in behavioral and mental health. — The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philly artist commissioned for Wells Fargo’s corporate offices in NYC’s Hudson Yards

08/14/2019 - 12:05pm
Philadelphia-based mixed-media artist Pauline Houston-McCall was comissioned to create a 19-piece collection for Wells Fargo's new corporate offices in New York City's Hudson Yards complex. Houston-McCall trained at both Community College of Philadelphia and Moore College of Art. She strives to connect elements of the black experience into her work. “I have come to tell the stories of our African and African American ancestors,” she said. “No matter how sorrowful ... I’ve come to tell the story in the most beautiful way possible.” — The Philadelphia Inquirer

A Sound Investment: High school course teaches personal finance to Philly youth

08/07/2019 - 10:11am
Dan LaSalle, a teacher and administrator at Olney Charter High School, founded the Philly Finance Cooperative, a course designed to give high school students real-world experience in money management. LaSalle pursued two years of schooling at Community College of Philadelphia, then transferred to a four-year university, allowing him to save and pay much of his tuition with need- and merit-based scholarships. — Grid Magazine

Member spotlight: Meet Aja Beech

08/07/2019 - 10:10am
Philadelphia native and Generocity member Aja Beech is an essayist, op-ed and freelance writer as well as a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet. She attended Community College of Philadelphia and Temple University where she studied history. “I think it is important that people in Philadelphia understand what Community College has to offer, some of the most important learning of my life occurred there.” — Generocity

Coverage of What’s New @CCP event on August 1, 2019.

08/07/2019 - 10:08am
Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) hosted a festival at its courtyard to detail what is new on campus. Officials announced four new degree programs available in the fall along with enrollment opportunities for new students. CCP also accepted food and monetary donations for kids in need. — ABC, CBS, NBC

Community College of Philadelphia's new mascot will debut this fall

08/07/2019 - 10:05am
Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) will soon release its new lion mascot that has taken a year to design. Last year, CCP did away with its previous mascot, Colonial Phil, over concerns he represented a time of slave owners and oppression. "I just hope that the lion reflects that side of CCP that often doesn't get reflected and that's that students are here to learn and they are driven," an anonymous student said. — KYW Newsradio

North Light intern blossoms at Journey's Way

08/07/2019 - 10:04am
Students accepted into the Summer Career Exploration Program, a North Light Community Center program for teens, got a tour of the Community College of Philadelphia Main Campus and professional development training. This year’s standout participant, Shaun Oliphant, aspires to go to college after high school. — Montgomery News

Temple football standout Isaiah Wright named to Hornung Award Watch List

08/07/2019 - 10:03am
Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) basketball standout, Andrea Bowleg, will be heading to Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. Bowleg, a six-foot-four center, earned a full basketball scholarship after playing just two years at CCP. — The Philadelphia Tribune

'A whole new world’: New law lets Pennsylvania foster kids attend college tuition-free

08/07/2019 - 10:01am
A new Pennsylvania law waives tuition for youth who were in foster care at age 16 or older. All Pennsylvania colleges and universities will begin accepting the waivers for the fall 2020 semester. This law will pair with Community College of Philadelphia’s “Foster Care to College” program designed to assist students transitioning to college from foster care. — The Morning Call

PhillySEEDS Awards College Scholarships to 70 PHA Residents High achievers receive $5,000 each

08/07/2019 - 9:58am
Rasheeda Little-Herring, a Community College of Philadelphia student, received a scholarship from PhillySEEDS , Inc., a Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) subsidiary. She plans to work in behavioral health and human services. “I want to work with troubled youth and help them the same way someone helped me,” she said. — University City Review

New York Life Foundation Grants to Local Afterschool Programs

08/07/2019 - 9:56am
Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) Foundation received a $100,000 grant to support middle school youth during out-of-school time hours. The New York Life Foundation and the Afterschool Alliance selected CCP based on the strength of their support programs for youth transitioning to ninth grade. The funds will be used to further these efforts through technical assistance, program expansion, and professional development. — New York Life Foundation

A stranger convinced bakery worker to return to college

08/07/2019 - 9:54am
A stranger encouraged Anyssa El Manfaa to return to college after a casual conversation about quantum mechanics at her bakery job. She reenrolled at Community College of Philadelphia where she finished her associate’s degree with a 4.0. She will continue her education at Swarthmore College to major in conflict resolution and peace studies. “If I could see him again,” El Manfaa , 21, said, “I would say thank you for believing in me. Thank you for seeing past the apron.” — Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Community College of Philadelphia Offers Its First-Ever “Girls in STEM” Summer Camp

08/07/2019 - 9:51am
Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) will offer a weeklong “Girls in STEM” camp during the week of August 12th to empower young women to pursue their interests in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) studies. Throughout the week, “Girls in STEM” attendees will learn about cars, transportation, fossil fuels and greenhouse gases, gear ratios, electric motors and more. “At Community College of Philadelphia, we pride ourselves on playing a significant role in diversifying the local STEM workforce and providing a strong talent pipeline,” CCP President Donald Guy Generals said. — Gloucester City News

Season 2 Episode 17: Training to the Need featuring Community College of Philadelphia & The Wistar Institute | Growing Greater

08/07/2019 - 9:46am
Dr. Donald Guy Generals, president of Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) spoke with Matt Cabrey , executive director of Select Greater Philadelphia, about how students are obtaining a world-class education and launching their careers through training programs. CCP has partnered with the Wistar Institute to create the Biomedical Technician Training Program, which prepares community college students for new career opportunities as research assistants and technicians. — Growing Greater

They’re 16. They’re earning free college degrees. How’s it going for these Philly students?

08/07/2019 - 9:45am
Parkway Center City Middle College gives high school students the opportunity to earn high school and college diplomas simultaneously for free at Community College of Philadelphia. 97 percent of students entering their junior year have earned C’s or higher in all their college courses. — The Philadelphia Inquirer

Go to college for free — yes, free — at these Pa. and N.J. schools

08/07/2019 - 9:43am
Community College of Philadelphia (CCP), through its 50th Anniversary Scholars Program, enables Philadelphia high school 2019 graduates to pursue an associate degree at CCP at no cost for tuition and fees after available public funding is counted. Applicants must fill out the FAFSA form, among other requirements, to determine eligibility. — The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philly's hotel industry is growing, area colleges respond to need for workers

08/07/2019 - 9:40am
Community College of Philadelphia is adding a new associate’s degree program in tourism and hospitality management to meet the rising demand for qualified hotel employees , according to Dean Dr. Pam Carter . "We have had a hospitality management program in place for a while now. But what we did was took a look at what we were doing and said, ' We need to revamp it to really reflect what's hap pening in the city. ’” — KYW Newsradio

Community School champion leaves legacy at South Philadelphia H.S.

08/07/2019 - 9:39am
Lanayjah Turner was honored as one of 12 recipients of this year’s Community School Award for her fundraising and revitalization efforts at South Philadelphia High School in her senior year. Turner will study psychology at Community College of Philadelphia in the fall. She plans to pursue a graduate degree in psychology and become a counselor for students and young adults. — The Philadelphia Sun

Local illustrator, painter and tattoo artist opens new studio in Queen Village

08/07/2019 - 9:36am
Michael DiGiacomo opened Tattoo One Five (TAT215ive), a custom tattooing and art gallery, earlier this year in Queen Village. DiGiacomo began classes at Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) at the same time he started work on a tattooed sleeve on his right arm by Dan Craft of DNA Tattooing. This led to DiGiacomo completing a two-year apprenticeship at DNA while also receiving his associate’s degree at CCP in art, style and design. — South Philly Review

CBS 3 report on the scholarship from the Field Foundation

08/07/2019 - 9:34am
A $1 million gift from local philanthropists, Joe and Marie Field, will fund a new Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) scholarship program for students who do not pursue higher education immediately after high school. It will begin accepting applications on July 8. — KYW (CBS) Philadelphia