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A day in the life of a CCP dual enrollment student Daisy McDonagh is not your typical 18-year-old. This month, she will be graduating with a 4.0 GPA at the College and a 4.4 GPA at MaST Community Charter School in Northeast Philadelphia with both her high school and associate degrees. Daisy is one of ten students graduating this May from MaST’s dual enrollment program in partnership with Community College of Philadelphia. Daisy says she learned about the opportunity to graduate high school with an associate degree while in middle school from a MaST student enrolled in the dual enrollment program at the time. Once she entered the ninth grade, she took the placement exam and tested into the college-level ...(Read more)
Russell Shelton headshot
From John B. Kelly Elementary to the big stage Russell Shelton, ’20, thinks back to when he finally embraced his passion for theater and the performing arts at the age of 14. He vividly remembers his first acting role while at the John B. Kelly Elementary School. He played the role of the leader of the cards in an adaption of Alice in Wonderland. His interest in theater continued into middle school, where he earned a role in a stage adaption of the 2007 film Hairspray. It was through this experience that Russell decided to pursue a professional career in acting. “While I was able to score two small roles in Hairspray while in middle school, the overall experience had ...(Read more)
Dr. Generals
College President Dr. Donald Guy Generals says the proposal’s expansion of access to community college uplifts Philadelphia’s most vulnerable residents Community College of Philadelphia President Dr. Donald Guy Generals released the following statement in support of President Joe Biden’s proposed American Families Plan that would direct billions of dollars in funding to support community colleges and low-income students: “Community College of Philadelphia fully supports President Biden’s American Families Plan, which would direct $109 billion to boost the efforts of community colleges in providing a high-quality education to every American regardless of their ability to pay. “Due to the economic hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, tens of thousands of community college students across the country have been forced to ...(Read more)
Yael Johnson smiling, wearing green shirt
One student’s destined journey to a career in early childhood development Yael Johnson, ’21, says her calling has never been clearer: she wants to be an advocate and champion for the exceptional young children who will shape our future. Working in early childhood education, she found her passion in helping children with special needs and their families navigate the challenges they face, both in and outside the classroom. “Life tends to take us on surprising journeys,” said Yael. “Sometimes we are led to places we never knew we were supposed to be. My life journey brought me to a preschool just when the time was right.” With a 10-year long career in restaurant and office management and a finance background, ...(Read more)
The College celebrated Women’s History Month this year with virtual events and initiatives to inspire and inform our College community. In light of the endlessly faceted nature of womanhood, the events centered around women of all different backgrounds who shared their stories and experiences, creating dialogue that felt relevant to the diverse population of women and femmes at the College. Women’s History Month brought women who are leaders in their respective fields into our College community to share their knowledge on topics such as career advancement, workplace diversity, physical and mental health, and more. The first event, Challenging the Process, which took place on March 1, was hosted by Judge Maria McLaughlin, who highlighted the tenants of exemplary leadership and ...(Read more)
Amidst the acclimation to online learning, teaching her children at home and returning to campus for limited lab instruction, Lauren Ferri and fellow Dental Hygiene students are moving closer to their goal. “We have had a long delay and many changes, but everyone has started to find their groove. I’m happy with the way it’s going, and I am thankful to be treating patients,” said Lauren. At the College’s Dental Clinic, where hands-on training is integral to career success, Lauren joins seven other students or less, according to safety guidelines, as they work on their skills. Before returning to campus, all students were informed by faculty about upgraded building air filters and COVID-19 safety procedures put into place to make ...(Read more)
With support from the Women’s Outreach and Advocacy Center, Kasara was able to obtain her degree despite additional hurdles she encountered during the COVD-19 pandemic. The way Kasara Pompey was introduced to the Women’s Outreach and Advocacy Center (Women’s Center) was truly a matter of being in the right place at the right time, and trying one’s luck. Today, Kasara, a Health Care Studies student, is on track to completing her final year at the College and looking forward to graduation in May. But even a year ago, her vision of graduation didn’t look so clear. In January 2020, Kasara was drawn to a flyer on campus that read, “Do you need help with child care?” She knew she did, ...(Read more)
Juggling school and personal life in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic was a tough hit for many. Unprecedented. It flipped the lives of many students upside down with no notice, including Tiasia Howard, a Criminal Justice major at the College. She had just begun her studies when, in March 2020, the College’s transition to online learning meant Tiasia needed to manage her personal and academic responsibilities while taking classes at home. "I guess it's my love for learning and furthering my education to provide the best future I can for my kids that keeps me going and earning A’s," Tiasia said. “It was more difficult for my son, because he’s so active.” When classes first transitioned online, Tiasia knew ...(Read more)
In January 2021, Community College of Philadelphia’s Nursing program was recognized with the Innovations in Social Mobility: Workforce Development award powered by the Social Innovations Journal for its work to provide health care in the community . Laureen Tavolaro-Ryley, associate professor of Nursing and the Independence Foundation chair in Community Nursing at the College, accepted the award. Days after COVID-19 shut down Philadelphia in March 2020, many higher education nursing programs and medical institutions sent students home and transitioned to virtual learning, but Tavolaro-Ryley went another route. She began advocating to get funding for a summer internship for students that would provide care to the homeless, food insecure and other susceptible groups making up some of the most vulnerable communities ...(Read more)
Hello, everyone. We just got back from spring break and we are at mid-semester. I really enjoyed the time off and was excited to be taking my first mid-term test! Yay! I met with my success coach just before break and I really liked how structured she was with our meeting. I was able to address the most important topics that I needed to discuss. It is so nice having someone there who is resourceful and knows where to direct you to obtain extra support. I also joined a conference this month about stress management. That was very beneficial to me. I was able to remember some tools that I have used in the past and learn about apps to ...(Read more)
With a passion for grassroots organizing and connecting underserved communities to valuable resources, Benjamin Nixon, ’20, is using his voice and providing College students across the country with a platform to make a difference. On Feb. 8, he helped launch the Student Voting Network (SVN) Podcast: a nonpartisan platform for and by students to express their views, share insight, organize for a better future and learn efficient methods of reaching student voters in meaningful ways. The podcast is a Campus Vote Project initiative he worked to launch as a Democracy Fellow. “For some time, we were looking for ways to be more engaging outside of social media. That’s where the idea for the podcast came from,” said Nixon. “We wanted ...(Read more)
With dozens of College students, faculty and staff in attendance, Dr. Generals, Community College of Philadelphia’s president , held his annual Black History Month fireside chat on February 17 . The event began as a rigorous examination of race and social stratification in the United States and eventually lead to a lively and multifaceted group conversation. Dr. Generals based the conversation around the book Caste: The Origins of our Discontent by Isabel Wilkerson, the first Black woman to win a Pulitzer Prize in journalism. Given the long legacy of w hite supremacy in the United States, "Wilkerson makes the case for the idea that Americans really live in a caste society, not a class society , ” Dr. Generals began. ...(Read more)
Community College of Philadelphia would like to congratulate its president, Dr. Donald Guy Generals, for being named the 2021 National Pacesetter of the Year by the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations ( NCMPR ). The Pacesetter of the Year Award recognizes a community college president or CEO who has demonstrated special leadership and support in college communications and marketing. Dr. Generals received the award for his exceptional work to successfully leverage marketing and public relations strategies to advance the College and its mission. He has presided over the College since 2014, and has introduced and enhanced many initiatives and efforts to increase student success, including additional student support services and Guided Pathways, a nationally recognized degree completion strategy. ...(Read more)
The Start of Something New Hello. My name is Idris Washington and I am 19 years old. When I am asked to talk about my story there is one thing that I always have to talk about, and that’s my education and why I’m on this path. The thing that makes my story different is that I didn’t go to middle school or high school. When I graduated from the third grade I went overseas to Egypt to live there and study my religion, Islam. I believe the issue was that I spent so much time working on my religious studies that I couldn’t focus on my traditional studies like English and math. When I got the chance to come ...(Read more)
Honoring Black History throughout the month of February, the College organized a wide array of events that highlight the rich heritage and unique cultures of the African Diaspora. From Africa Repatriation to discussions on the difficulties faced by Black Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic, students, faculty and staff spent the month discovering the diverse history that informs the lives of our Black colleagues, classmates and fellow citizens of the world. On Feb. 1, the College kicked off its celebration with an Enough Is Enough teach-in series session, Enough Is Enough: COVID-19 Vaccinations, Myths vs. Facts. With Dr. Tamika Curry serving as moderator, Dr. Ala Stanford of the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium led a discussion covering topics like the safety of ...(Read more)
Hello, everyone. My name is Chelsea and I am 30 years old. I am enrolled in the Paralegal Studies associate degree program here at Community College of Philadelphia. I am currently in my first semester and this is the first time I have ever attended college EVER. I never thought that I would actually attend college and I absolutely love it. CCP has given me a lot of support and great opportunities, especially Mayor Jim Kenney's new anti-poverty Octavius Catto Scholarship. I was raised by my grandparents from birth until I was 18 years old. When I was a child, my mother was a drug addict/alcoholic, and my father was not in my life. By the time I was a ...(Read more)
Reconnecting with her former professor through a meeting at a College alumni event in 2019 has led Malika Rahman to a different career trajectory. “I didn’t know I wanted to teach in that moment. I knew I wanted to give back, perhaps through my nonprofit, Be A Great You, Inc. Once the opportunity presented itself to guest lecture, it all made perfect sense. I got to come back to the place where it started for me. I started teaching one class, and it has transcended into so much more. The opportunities at the College kept expanding and growing. I can bring my life, career and field experience to the next generation of law enforcement professionals. I had finally arrived at ...(Read more)
With an academic background in sociology and criminal justice, Judy Cruz-Ransom has been helping survivors of trauma for more than 28 years. Starting as an adjunct instructor in 2009 and now serving as a visiting lecturer at the College, Judy teaches her Criminal Justice students about trauma and its effects, and what resources are available for assistance, to best prepare them for successful careers. This fall, all Criminal Justice students will be required to take a new course she has created, Victimology and Trauma. Cruz-Ransom credits the College’s Diversity Fellowship program with helping her develop the new offering and look more broadly at enhancing learning for better student outcomes. She brings the insight gained from years of experience in various ...(Read more)
Uniting paralegal skills, law firm experience and a desire to help others, Karla Rosario, ’15, is making a difference in the lives of refugees stranded at the United States-Mexico border. Since February 2020, she has been the coordinator for Project Corazon , an initiative of the Lawyers for Good Government Foundation. Rosario has been living in Brownsville, Texas, helping individuals seeking asylum as they are forced to await their court hearings from Mexico. “We find them volunteer attorneys to help with asylum paperwork, and we coordinate the translations and psychological evaluations to produce reports for their immigration applications,” she said. With a federal policy requiring asylum seekers to stay in Mexico, Rosario works with individuals across the border from Brownsville ...(Read more)
Moriah Lit has a message for nontraditional students interested in pursuing an education: Trust in yourself and in the academic excellence and support services provided by the College. Moriah trusted in herself, and has been selected as the Student Speaker at the 2021 Commencent ceremony on May 8, 2021. Moriah was selected for this honor based on her many achievements at and contributions to the College. She is graduating with highest honor with a degree in Education: Secondary Humanities/Social Studies. She enrolled at the College on a whim because she wanted more. Starting with Foundational English and math courses, she was unsure if she would be successful. “I did well, so I decided to take more classes,” she said. Moriah's ...(Read more)
In a huge step towards creating a n accessible higher education system for all Philadelphians, the first cohort of Oct avius Catto S cholars ha s begun classes this Spring 2021 s emester . The group o f new, f irst - time students is the first to participate in this groundbreaking program , which will provide free t uition for thousands of students at Community College of Philadelphia. Created in partnership with the City of Philadelphia and M ayor Jim Kenney, t he Octavius Catto Scholarship will become an integral part of the Cit y’s “continued commitment to expand quality education for all,” and will ultimately benefit 4,500 students in the next five years . “As we look to ...(Read more)
The health and safety of Community College of Philadelphia students, faculty, staff and alumni remain our highest priorities. As a result, we are devastated to learn of the recent assault against Kendall Stephens, a distinguished alumna and Black woman of trans experience who commits her life to advocating for marginalized communities. Though Pennsylvania law still does not extend hate crime protections to LGBTQ+ individuals, the attack against Kendall seems to have been just that – a hate crime. As an institution, CCP will not remain silent. Too many Philadelphians live in fear simply due to the color of their skin, who they love, and who they are. That’s why CCP has dedicated time and resources, especially as of late, to ...(Read more)
As the United States struggles to redefine its history through activism and the Black Lives Matter movement, CCP alumnus Pedro Regalado is both an attentive observer and a scholar. Regalado, who received his Ph.D. in American Studies from Yale University and is currently a Junior Fellow of the Society of Fellows at Harvard University, went from a life as a community college graduate to the halls of some of the nation’s most famous universities. He belongs everywhere—a fact he discovered one day while living in Philadelphia. “I remember I had finished CCP. I was working at Au Bon Pain, but I was still pretty confident in myself. I had worked hard at my classes,” Regalado said in a recent interview. ...(Read more)
As a pandemic strikes, CCP Nursing grads share tales of resilience In the year that novel coronavirus changed life as we know it in this city, Community College of Philadelphia graduated 96 Nursing students, many of whom overcame unthinkable odds while still in school. The Nursing Class of 2020 faced heartbreak, job loss, the loss of siblings and/or parents, COVID-19 and other monumental challenges. Three members of the class, many of whom were working jobs as licensed practical nurses (LPNs) or aides in nursing homes or health facilities, tested positive for COVID-19 and completed classwork online while in quarantine. During spring break, tragedy stuck. Janette Reyes, a popular classmate, was killed in a car accident, leaving her family and her ...(Read more)
“From a really young age I loved food,” recalls Liam Spady, a recent graduate of Community College of Philadelphia who received his associate degree in Culinary Arts. “I loved cooking, which is what I did because in school, I got kind of bullied. I was always into books... I didn't do what the other guys did. So, I went into the kitchen.” Although Liam found respite in cooking at a young age, his passion for food eventually led him to discover some troubling inequities in food access throughout our city. He explained, “I had the privilege of going to a school in South Philly. So, I would leave West Philly and go all the way down there each morning and ...(Read more)
Decades ago, Tria Jones had a calling to be a nurse but life kept getting in the way. Her best friend was murdered. Then her husband, Michael Williams, passed away, leaving her with four children to raise. The seesaw economy made it difficult to support her family on her salary as a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Moreover, after starting her Nursing classes, she found herself unemployed and combating housing security. Yet, on April 30, 2020, her 40th birthday, Tria took her final exam in Community College of Philadelphia’s Nursing program. She passed and earned her associate degree. She and her 95 classmates now are studying for the NCLEX, the Nursing licensure exam for registered nurses. During Tria’s educational journey, a ...(Read more)
When first he enrolled at Community College of Philadelphia in 2017, Andreas Copes believed he wanted to pursue a degree in Liberal Arts and eventually end up in the field of public relations. Now, as he finishes up his associate degree at Community College of Philadelphia, Copes will move on to the next stage of his academic career having discovered a new career trajectory in journalism and media, and having earned multiple awards and scholarships, work experience and professional connections. An enthusiastic member of the College’s campus community, Copes embraced every opportunity to get involved on campus, proving that higher education can illuminate parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed, and lead us down new pathways. Immigrating from Germany to ...(Read more)
Seven years ago, Brittany Halbsgut was a hairstylist on welfare, having to take shifts at the salon’s front desk just to make ends meet. Her career was not where she expected it to be, prompting her to enroll at Community College of Philadelphia. “I Initially felt like college was not for me. But as I was thinking about where I was in life and what I wanted for myself, I decided it was time to go to college," she said. "I couldn’t move on with my life, couldn’t achieve what I wanted to achieve. I was exhausted and I was drained. I will always be passionate about cutting hair but it was not an industry where I could truly thrive ...(Read more)
Every year the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges (PACCC) recognizes students across the state who display academic excellence and are active in their own campus community. T wo of the 47 outstanding community college transfer scholars hips were awarded to Community College of Philadelphia sophomores Andreas Copes and Kendall Stephens , with Copes being named to the All-Pennsylvania Academic Team and Stephens to the All-USA Community College Academic Team. Stephens was also distinguished as a Coca-Cola New Century Transfer Scholar , which is awarded to students who receive the highest All-USA Community College Team application scores in each sta te . Both All-Pennsylvania and All-USA Academic Team members receive a two-year tuition waiver for any school in the Pennsylvania State ...(Read more)
Nursing equipment being prepared for donation
Three health care programs at Community College of Philadelphia have donated life-saving equipment to local hospitals to support health care facilities and their colleagues working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Respiratory Care Technology program, the Biomedical Equipment Technology (BMET) program and the Nursing program at CCP have donated either ventilators or personal protective gear, both of which are in short supply and used to treat patients with the novel coronavirus. The Respiratory Care Technology program has donated four ventilators and one BiPAP, which is a less invasive type of ventilator that helps patients keep breathing. The program uses the equipment to help students prepare for their upcoming respiratory therapy clinicals in hospitals. The BMET program donated its ...(Read more)
Kendall Stephens
Kendall Stephens: improving Philly, one person and one college class at a time Kendall Stephens has pushed through adversity, giving her deeper insight and a quiet strength that she weaves into college courses and daily life. “We claim our power,” she says. “When we are affirmed, it begins the healing process.” As a trans woman, she has not had the full acceptance of her family or her community for much of her life. At first, her mother struggled with Stephens’ identity, and refused to provide information that would allow her to apply for financial aid and attend college. Without these crucial supports at various times, Stephens has experienced homelessness, life in a shelter, couch surfing, violence and life on the ...(Read more)
In February, Kendall Stephens was one of eight community college students from Achieving the Dream (ATD) Network colleges chosen as 2020 DREAM Scholars, giving her and seven others the opportunity to participate in ATD’s 2020 DREAM Scholars program to enhance their leadership, critical thinking and networking skills. Each participating community college nominates a DREAM scholar. Nominees submit applications that ask them to reflect on their college journeys, and from there a rigorous selection process begins. It is no surprise that Community College of Philadelphia nominated Kendall, and that she was selected as one of eight 2020 DREAM Scholars in the entire nation. After all, the program is all about student leaders looking to make a difference on their campus and ...(Read more)
Some associate degree and certificate programs provide a less expensive and faster on-ramp to the middle class than a bachelor's degree, according to the findings in a new report from Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW). According to the report, "The Overlooked Value of Certificates and Associate’s Degrees: What Students Need to Know Before They Go to College," the field of study a student selects greatly influences future earnings, as many of these programs are linked with specific occupations. “Field of study matters most when it comes to certificates and associate degrees,” said Dr. Anthony P. Carnevale, lead author of the report and CEW director. “A worker with an associate’s degree can earn more than a worker ...(Read more)
Ayanna Washington, director of Career Connections, wants Community College of Philadelphia students to have an edge in their job searches, so she began collecting new or gently worn career clothing for them to wear on job interviews. "We want our students to have every advantage," said Washington, whose staff offers individual appointments, seminars, career fairs and other activities that show students how to plan, strategize and achieve their career goals. The College's students are able to visit the career closet, located at the entrance of the Career Connections Center, to pick out a free outfit each semester that is suitable for office wear. Community College of Philadelphia received so many clothing donations that Washington eventually needed a larger clothes rack ...(Read more)
On Friday, January 17, Community College of Philadelphia professor Pascal Scoles was honored with the 2020 American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Dale P. Parnell Faculty Distinction Recognition. Named for a former AACC President, this award highlights the dedication and achievement of professors who work to make a positive impact within their schools and communities. Professors who are given this award display a strong passion and support for students inside and outside of the classroom, participate in campus committees and programs, and “go above and beyond what is required to ensure that students are successful in their academic endeavors.'' With over fifty years of experience in his field, Scoles has become known at Community College of Philadelphia and beyond as ...(Read more)
Heba Elmountassir at the College's Northeast Regional Center
In spring 2020, Heba Elmountassir will graduate from Community College of Philadelphia with an associate degree in Health Care Studies and a full scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania. Just 18 years old, Heba will receive her high school diploma from MaST Community Charter School this spring as well. Heba applied for early admission to the University of Pennsylvania in fall 2019, along with the QuestBridge Scholarship Program, and received replies from both institutions at the same time. “I was surprised,'' she said when we spoke to her in December 2019. “I was just really grateful for everyone who helped me through it and I was grateful to QuestBridge for picking me.” MaST Community Charter School is one of several ...(Read more)
More than 530 entrepreneurs have completed Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses training at Community College of Philadelphia. Twenty-three of the fastest growing privately held companies in Greater Philadelphia in 2019 are alumni of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses , a free business education program designed to provide practical skills and professional support for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurs Forum of Greater Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Inquirer announced the Philadelphia 100 award winners at a ceremony in October 2019. They revealed that the fastest growing business in the region in 2019 was Kapital Data Corp., whose owner, Kumar Mangala, completed Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses -Greater Philadelphia. The free program is hosted by and held at Community College of Philadelphia. Equally as ...(Read more)
It was in college that Quadir Gamble first learned that he is the key to solving the city’s toughest challenges. If he wants a better community, then he has to work with others toward common goals. “We are all connected,” Gamble said. “When we all get together and work together, we can make an impact on our community.” This was his key takeaway from assistant professor Jamie Gusrang’s sociology class at Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) Gamble is a junior at Parkway Center City Middle College, where students can earn a high school diploma and a CCP associate degree in just four years. Gusrang assigned her students to participate in community service either by volunteering or tackling a community issue. ...(Read more)
Community College of Philadelphia's women's basketball team
As Roary brings new excitement and a renewed campus spirit, the Community College of Philadelphia Lions are showing the city that gritty teams that play together, win together. This fall, the men’s and women’s basketball teams at CCP have displayed endurance, courage, athleticism and a hunger for victory. Much is at stake right now, as the Lions are garnering both local and national recognition. The women (10-3) face off at noon Sunday, Dec. 15, at home against Southern Maine Community College. Southern Maine is a basketball powerhouse, ranked first in the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA). The men’s team (12-1), which moved up three spots this week and is now ranked seventh among the National Junior College Athletic Association ...(Read more)
Jabril Gregory and Jasmine Rozario
On Saturday, October 26, Community College of Philadelphia students Jabril Gregory and Jasmine Rozario were selected to move forward to the next round of The Pennsylvania Commission for the United States Semiquincentennial ( American250PA ) Direct Effect Innovation Challenge . This three-round competition began throughout the state on October 1, and will culminate on November 19, at the Wilkes-Barre Connect conference. After designing and pitching a marketing campaign that integrates technology and direct mail advertising, the winning team will walk away as the creators of America250PA’s direct mail marketing campaign roll-out. Gregory is a Business – General major with an interest in marketing and Rozario is an International Studies major with an interest in international business. For the two of ...(Read more)
On Thursday, October 10, Community College of Philadelphia held its fourth annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Students, faculty and staff organized a series of four events, which brought to campus the narratives of human trafficking victims, as well as the expertise of those who work in the field. Standing nearly 70 strong on the steps of the Mint Building at 11 a.m., students faculty and staff, took part in a “Human Trafficking Awareness: Break the Chains” demonstration. “Today we want to talk about breaking the chains and bringing awareness because people think it’s everywhere else, not in this country, but it’s happening [everywhere],” said Sociology professor Nicole Vadino, who helped to organize the day’s events, along with faculty and staff ...(Read more)
On Monday, September 23, 2019, the New York Life Foundation announced a $100,000 grant to Community College of Philadelphia, in partnership with the Afterschool Alliance . Grants were awarded to 26 youth development organizations across the country to support middle school youth during the out-of-school time (OST) hours. The grants mark the third year of awards made under the Foundation’s Aim High education initiative, and this year’s grants bring the total awarded under the program to $3.45 million. Afterschool, summer and expanded learning programs nationwide were selected for grants through a competitive application process. Community College of Philadelphia’s Division of Access and Community Engagement (DACE) will use the funds to establish a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) enrichment program ...(Read more)
Charito Morales
September 15 to October 15 is Latinx Heritage Month in the United States. In observation, Community College of Philadelphia faculty and staff are partnering with prominent Latinx authors, activists, artists and professionals to host a series of on-campus events . From a Latinx Comfort Food Tasting to an Art Exhibit, a Latinx Mentoring program meet-up and multiple seminars, these events will showcase Latinx heritage and narratives, while exploring current events and issues within Latinx communities in Philadelphia and abroad. On Wednesday, September 25, the College began its celebration with two events: Diversity Dialogue: Puerto Rico Yesterday, Today and the Future; and a Latinx Fireside Chat with Dr. Generals, the College’s president. These seminars surveyed issues surrounding immigration, U.S. foreign policy ...(Read more)
Jamail Kahn graduates from Community College of Philadelphia with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts.
It’s hard to deter Jamail Khan. The 20-year-old student at Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) has excelled, channeling his passionate and competitive spirit into both running for the College's track and field team, and academic studies in the Honors program. Graduating from CCP this past May with an associate degree in Liberal Arts – Honors, Khan received All-America honors for the 2019 NJCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field season and gained admittance into Swarthmore College. Kahn explained the augmentation of athletics and academics exemplifies the Honors program’s interdisciplinary structure. “Humans are holistic creatures. We are not made of one thing, but we are an amalgamation of things,” Khan stated. “And so when we do one practice in one department ...(Read more)
CCP’s Track and Field team members on the field with their All-American Honors.
Eleven track and field athletes from Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) captured All-America honors for the 2019 NJCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field season, according to the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA). CCP athletes who received All-America honors include: Jamail Khan, Christian Nuelle, Sean Ringgold, Kory Wharton, Donoven Cook, Elizabeth Chukwuezi, Jada Erwin, Maisha Hutchins-Colema, Tianna Jeffcoa, Aleah Langley and Jazmin Vasquez Lopez. These student athletes earned USTFCCCA All-America honors by virtue of finishing among the top-eight of their respective events at the 2019 NJCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field Championships, which was held this past May in Utica, New York. “They work really hard,” said Robert Taylor, who coaches the men’s and ...(Read more)
Academic leaders from Community College of Philadelphia and John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School signing the paperwork for a new, dual-enrollment partnership on May 9.
A new dual enrollment program, the "100 Steps" program, was announced between Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) and John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School on May 9 at the all-girls high school. Named for the mere 100-step distance between the two academic campuses, the program will provide the opportunity for the girls to simultaneously earn a high school diploma from Hallahan High School and an associate degree from CCP. “Research has shown that dual enrollment programs and early college programs for high school students work,” said Dr. Guy Generals, president of Community College of Philadelphia. “They, in fact, enable students to get a head start on their college education [and] enable them to save an incredible amount of money.” ...(Read more)
The six MaST seniors at CCP's 53rd commencement with Dr. Guy Generals, president of the College.
Among the 1,881 candidates for Community College of Philadelphia’s (CCP) 53 rd Commencement on May 4, six were high school students from the 2019 senior class at Mathematics, Science and Technology (MaST) Community Charter School. A part of the second cohort to graduate under MC 2 , a special dual enrollment program created through a partnership between MaST and CCP in 2015, Nadeen Al-Saleem, Gilbert Drutsky, Marta Gorstka, William Hartner, Shiv Patel and Sara Wolfenden graduated with associate degrees from CCP. The six seniors, who are now CCP alumni, will complete high school and graduate from MaST on June 14. “I think it’s an amazing experience,” said Al-Saleem, who credits MC 2 with helping her win the Liberty Scholarship, which ...(Read more)
Graduating students at CCP's 53rd Commencement.
Community College of Philadelphia president, Dr. Donald Generals, welcomed and addressed the College's 2019 graduating class at the 53rd Commencement on May 4. U.S. Rep. Dwight Evans (D-PA.), a graduate of CCP and La Salle University, was the principal speaker at the Commencement ceremony that began at 10 a.m. in The Liacouras Center. "Having the avenue of community college available made a huge difference for me," said Evans, who graduated from CCP with an associate degree in 1973. "I believe community college can be a great stepping stone for you, as it was for me." A total of 1,881 students were candidates for graduation this year. Thousands of family and friends witnessed the graduates’ milestone and cheered the students on ...(Read more)
U.S. Rep. Dwight Evans
U.S. Rep. Dwight Evans (D-PA.), a graduate of Community College of Philadelphia and La Salle University, will be this year’s principal speaker at Community College of Philadelphia’s 53rd Commencement on May 4. The ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. in The Liacouras Center, located at 1776 N. Broad Street. About 8,000 parents, friends and candidates for graduation are expected to attend the ceremony. Over his political tenure, Congressman Evans has advocated and defended progressive causes, including urban renewal, economic growth and educational opportunities. One of five children, he grew up in North Philadelphia and Germantown and today lives just minutes from his alma mater, Germantown High School. Maintaining deep roots in his district, the celebrated politician has dedicated his life ...(Read more)
STEM is the road map to Philadelphia’s economic future and the bedrock for future investment. With that in mind, Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) has redesigned and upgraded its biology, chemistry and microbiology labs, and added professional-grade equipment. More than 25 percent of degrees and certificates awarded to CCP’s Class of 2018 were for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. In February, the College held a STEM Open House to showcase improvements to and a complete redesign of multiple laboratories and teaching spaces in the West Building on Main Campus. The renovation for the latest addition, the biology lab, was a $7.2 million upgrade, with $5.9 million of those funds coming from a bond issue. President Donald Guy Generals ...(Read more)