In The Media

Derrick Perkins, director of the Center for Male Engagement at the Community College of Philadelphia, founded in 2009 to serve Black men, noted that men in general aren’t “socially and culturally conditioned to ask for help,” which poses an added challenge as they try to make their way through college. He finds Black men are also more likely to feel that teachers and professors view them as unintelligent, “a threat” or “disengaged,” which impedes their learning.

College Snapshots

Nutrition and Allied Health professor Laura Davidson teaches nursing students about “the awesome powers of food” and aims to motivate students “to change their own lifestyle, and to be inspired to share this lifechanging information with their family, friends and patients.” Spreading information on nutrition as a vital part of student success, her work supports Community College of Philadelphia initiative such as snack rack and single stop.  For her efforts she earned the Lindback Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award in 2019. Watch her presentation “Nutrition as a Student Success Strategy”.