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Sara Goldrick-Rab, Diverse Issues in Higher Education – Opinion Food insecurity and homelessness are affecting students everywhere, at all types of colleges and universities. CCP adjunct professor Sara Goldrick-Rab states that policymakers are working with “bad data” that understates the need—a problem that must be addressed.

College Snapshots

On Friday, May 19, Michelle Lopez  was recognized for her work in the College's Division of Access and Community Engagement and the Institute for Community Engagement and Civic Leadership.  

"'What we do at the Institute for Community Engagement and Civic Leadership is we get to work with some of the most amazing students and residents of the city of Philadelphia to empower them to feel like the leaders that they truly are,” she said as she accepted her award....“It’s truly a passion of mine to work with students and to help them get their degrees and move to successful lives,' Lopez concluded." 

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