Health Care

Health Care

Career Programs in the Field of Health Care

More than 40% of Greater Philadelphia’s jobs are supported by eds and meds, making education and health attractive career paths. Get your foot in the door of the thriving health care industry with these entry-level training programs.
Health Care
Health Care
Nurse Aide Training
Your career as a nurse aide could start after 14 weeks of training!

As a certified nurse aide, you’ll play an important role as you work beside medical staff, making a positive impact on the lives of patients needing care. Learn and understand the roles and functions of resident rights; nutrition; abuse and neglect prevention; infection control; psychosocial needs; assistive devices; safety and accident prevention; and more! In addition to lectures, students will participate in hands-on simulated lab and clinical experiences training in an approved long term care facility. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible for 3 College credits that can be used towards an associate degree in Health Care Studies.


  • Get started in a new career with just 14 weeks of training
  • Employment opportunities: Nursing Aide, home health aide, orderlies and more!
  • Median salary range: $26,478 - $38,924
  • Program eligible for scholarships

Learn more about our Nurse Aide Training program and register today.

National Entry-Level Dental Assistant
Smile! You can start as a dental assistant in as little as 3 months!

The entry-level Dental Assistant training program will train you on understanding essential dental procedures and the role dental assistants play in a dental practice. Effective and routine dentistry plays an important part in the health and wellness of everyone! The program provides the opportunity for an externship upon successful completion with more than 15 dental practice partners. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible for 3 College credits that can be used towards an associate degree in Health Care Studies.


Learn more about our National Entry-Level Dental Assisting program and register today.

Central Sterile Processing Technician
Begin a life-saving career with our flexible Sterile Processing Technician program!

Would you like a rewarding career that helps save lives? Sterile processing technicians are an integral part of every health care facility. You’ll learn to perform and participate in the decontamination, cleaning, assembling, packaging, scanning, sterilization, storage and distribution of reusable surgical instrumentation and equipment.


  • Median salary: $42,896
  • Complete the program in less than three months!
  • Flexible, 2-day/week schedule
  • Get placed in externship program 
  • Immediate job placement

Learn more about the Central Sterile Processing program and register today.

CPR Certification
Get certified in Basic Life Support training

Community College of Philadelphia is a proud provider of American Red Cross BLS Training. The American Red Cross Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR course provides healthcare providers and public safety professionals the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies in adult, child, and infant patients. Using lecture, skills demonstration, practice and case-based emergency response scenarios, this program builds the key skills that are needed to drive better patient outcomes. Upon successful completion of the course, learners will receive a 2-year Basic Life Support certificate. 


  • Become better equipped to handle life-threatening emergencies
  • Increase your appeal to employers by having certification to perform basic first aid
Interested getting a CPR Certification?

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Pharmacy Technician
Get started in a fast-growing field as a pharmacy technician

Learn to work as technicians under the supervision of a registered pharmacist in hospitals, home infusion pharmacies, company pharmacies and other health care settings. This high demand for pharmacy technicians is the result of a multitude of factors, including the constant availability of new drugs, the national shortage of registered pharmacists, the establishment of certified pharmacy technicians, and the aging population. 


  • One of the fastest-growing areas in medicine
  • 400,000 technicians will be employed by 2024 to meet our nation’s growing health care demands
  • Complete the program in less than 2 months

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