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Opportunity Now

A Tuition-free Program for Philadelphia Residents Who Have Been Recently Laid Off from Full-time Employment

Opportunity Now is a program designed to assist a displaced worker to enhance their skills to improve employment prospects through awarding up to twelve credits, tuition free, in one semester, one time only.  Noncredit courses are not included in this tuition waiver program.  You are required to pay all course fees, and costs for textbooks and supplies.

Future layoffs will not qualify you for participation in the program an additional time. If you become employed full time prior to the start of the semester, you must notify the Opportunity Now program coordinator as you will no longer be eligible for this program.

Eligibility Requirements

All College policies apply. Applications that are incomplete or missing documents will not be considered. All applicants must:

  • Be a resident of Philadelphia and a U.S. citizen or resident alien. Philadelphia residents are defined as adults who have lived in Philadelphia for at least 12 months if they moved to Philadelphia from another state, or three months if they moved from another location in Pennsylvania. Documentation may be required.
  • Have been laid off permanently or indefinitely from a full-time, non-seasonal, non-contract position through no fault of their own, but due to a company layoff or reduction in workforce due to economic circumstances. Applicants who are considered temporary, seasonal, staffing agency placements or employed in limited or fixed term contracts are not eligible.
  • Have been employed at the company for a minimum of 12 continuous months, and have been laid off within the past 12 months
  • Present:
    1. A letter from the former employer on official company stationery stating the layoff date and clarifying the applicant lost a qualifying job through no fault of his or her own, but due to a company layoff or reduction in workforce due to economic circumstances; and
    2. A copy a recent regular pay statement indicating full time hours.  Pennsylvania Department of Labor unemployment documentation will not be considered an acceptable substitute for the required documentation.

An approved applicant is eligible for a tuition waiver for up to 12 credits for one semester, one time only, excluding noncredit courses.  Once an approved Opportunity Now student registers, they assume all financial responsibility for fees and other expenses related to the classes unless they officially withdraw from classes and notify the Opportunity Now program coordinator in writing prior to the first business day before the semester begins. Failure to attend does not constitute withdrawal.

It is in an applicant's best interest to apply for the traditional financial aid programs. Please consult with a financial aid advisor.

If you are not a current student, you must first follow the regular admissions, advising and registration process.  Once you are accepted to the College you may apply for Opportunity Now.

To Apply

Login to MyCCP to complete the Opportunity Now form. To complete this step, you will need your Student Identification Number (J#), which is issued by the College once you have applied for admission. Once you login, click the "Student" tab, and under "Electronic Forms," select
"Admissions Forms," and complete and submit the Opportunity Now form.

Contact Us

Community College of Philadelphia – Opportunity Now
Welcome Center, P1-05
1700 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130-3991