College Resources

Students registered with the Center on Disability will find elsewhere on this website a rich array of resources at the College that support their academic goals. In brief, these are:

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is provided by professional advisors and faculty members who help you identify academic and career goals, and discuss the options associated with your academic program when you are in good academic standing.

Career Services Center

The Career Services Center assists students in obtaining their career goals. Through workshops, seminars and individual appointments, Center staff help you develop job search strategies.

Center for Male Engagement

The Center for Male Engagement supports African-American males in attaining academic and career goals through mentorship, coaching, activities and workshops.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Department offers broad support, ranging from course selection and academic planning, to assistance in navigating the College, to strategies for managing your course work.

Learning Lab

The Learning Lab offers free academic support through workshops, online resources and tutoring. COD staff might also refer you to the Learning Specialist to develop learning strategies specific to an area of deficit.


The Library offers a wide range of resources, activities and staff to support your academic studies and research needs.

Student Academic Computing Centers (SACC)

Students may access the SACC for computer workstations containing the software, Internet access and laser printers necessary to complete their academic assignments.

Student Life Center

We encourage all students to engage in co-curricular and extracurricular activities integral to their college experience. Visit the Student Life Center to discover the cultural, social and recreational activities open to you.

Student Success Initiatives

Programs and services like Academic Early Alert and Colonial Colleagues exist to support you by increasing your rate of academic success at the College. 

Veterans Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center provides multiple education- and career-related services to veterans as well as their spouses and dependent children.

Women’s Outreach and Advocacy Center

The Women’s Outreach and Advocacy Center, committed to issues of gender equity on campus, is a special place where women can gather to support one another in achieving their goals.