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Our late summer term begins July 7.


Here is just a small sampling of classes being offered this summer:
AH 103: Medical Terminology

The course introduces students to the language of medicine according to body systems.

AH 116: Interpersonal and Professional Skills in the Health Care Setting

This course introduces students to communication theories, modes of communication and factors that influence communication when interacting with patients, coworkers and other health care personnel.

BIOL 106: General Biology I

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the general concepts of biology, including the chemical and cellular organization of living things, metabolism, cell division, traditional and molecular genetics, evolution and ecology.

BIOL 109: Anatomy and Physiology I

Human physiology and biochemistry are studied systematically in lectures while anatomy is stressed in laboratory experiences requiring extensive dissection. This two semester sequence follows the recommendations of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society.

BIOL 110: Anatomy and Physiology II

Human physiology and biochemistry are studied systematically in lectures while anatomy is stressed in laboratory experiences requiring extensive dissection. This two semester sequence follows the recommendations of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society.

BIOL 211: Genetics

Basic principles of genetics using biochemical and molecular models are presented in lecture and laboratory experience.

BUSL 101: Navigating Leadership and Business Professions

This course introduces first-year students in business and professional programs and related fields to success strategies for self-leadership and college-level academic inquiry.

CHEM 110: Introductory Chemistry

Fundamental laws and theories of chemistry. Metric system, introduction to matter, atomic structure, chemical bonding, periodic table, chemical reactions and equations, gases, solutions, pH and introductory organic chemistry.

CHEM 121: College Chemistry I

A transfer level chemistry course for Biology, Chemistry, Engineering and pre-professional program students requiring a laboratory science.

CIS 152: Introduction to Cybersecurity

Students are introduced to various security topics, including Internet security, malware, cyber terrorism, cyber fraud, mitigation strategies to potential cyber threats, and more.

CSCI 125: Introduction to Game Development

This course introduces students to professional video game and simulation development, including the modern video game industry and its historical development.

ECON 181: Principles of Economics (Macroeconomics)

Macroeconomics is concerned with the performance of the economy as a whole.

ECON 182: Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)

Topics include analysis of the economics of the firm and resource allocation, current domestic problems and international economics.

ENTR 120: Entrepreneurial Marketing

Students in this course examine the role of marketing in start-up ventures and the role of entrepreneurial thinking in marketing efforts.

GEOG 101: Introduction to Physical Geography

An introduction to the basic concepts of physical geography, and the physical systems and processes which shape the earth's environment.

GEOG 103: Introduction to Human Geography

Human Geography examines the relationships among people, culture, and space.

HIST 142: Food History

Students will study the historical relationship between human beings and the food they consume.

HIST 150: History of American Health Care

A historical, conceptual survey of the origins and development of American health care.

HUM 101 and 102: Cultural Traditions

Interdisciplinary study of the humanities from the ancient world to the European renaissance drawing on works of literature, philosophy, art and history.

MGMT 121: Introduction to Business

An overview of economic systems, e-commerce, forms of business ownership, issues of ethical and social responsibility, global business, small business ownership, and more.

PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy

Systematic critical examination of some fundamental problems of philosophy.

PHIL 211: Ethical Problems

A study of theories of morality and values and their application to selected topics in personal and social ethics.

RE 101: Real Estate Fundamentals

Economic, legal and social aspects of real estate under private ownership in the U.S. Required by Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission for all candidates for a sales license.

RE 105: Real Estate Practice

Introduction to all facets of the real estate business, including a survey of fields of specialization. Emphasis will be on the role of a real estate agent in the field of residential brokerage.


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