Corporate Solutions’ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Institute

Today’s headlines detail the current state of our country: stories about racial tension and political unrest are featured daily. Companies are challenged to understand how they can respond to their employees' needs for safety and acceptance. As the world changes, companies must change as well, and find ways to create culturally aware work environments that are respectful, inclusive and harmonious.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Institute has six workshops that address current issues that help participants:

  • Realize the benefits of diversity
  • Increase their cultural knowledge
  • Increase inclusion of different groups
  • Become aware of unconscious bias
  • Promote better teamwork

Workshop Titles include:

Developing Culturally Competent Leadership

Learn how to become culturally competent change agent. This workshop will help you develop an implementation plan to enact change at your institution. The workshop is divided into three distinct parts:

  • Defining Cultural Competence
  • Building blocks and language to cultural knowledge and skills
  • Using Cultural Competence to make an impact in the workplace

What is Hidden Bias and How Do I Overcome It?

Hidden bias is a sensitive subject. It is eye opening to understand how hidden bias comes into play and is evident in everyone in some shape or form. During this workshop, participants learn how society has taught them their bias but encourages them to seek self- improvement.

This workshop covers a lot of ground; defining key terms, outlining discrimination in the workplace, types of hidden bias, how we learn hidden bias, how to test for hidden bias and most importantly how to overcome hidden bias.

Identifying and Addressing Racial Microaggressions in the Workplace

The Micro-Aggressions that people of color experience can make the workplace challenging at best, hostile at worst. The goal of this workshop is to bring awareness to the various types of micro-aggressions that show up in an organization and how these micro-aggressions can negatively influence productivity and morale.

Culturally Competent Customer Service

This workshop provides an overview of the growing cultural variety in Philadelphia (and surrounding areas). Emphasis is placed on practical and theoretical skills that businesses need in order to serve these communities. Additionally, the workshop illustrates ways in which businesses can encourage and develop culturally sensitive staff.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace

This workshop is designed to be comprehensive and to contextualize inclusion as an integral strain of diversity work. While diversity refers to increasing numbers of minorities, inclusion is about cultivating and sustaining a climate that is welcoming and safe for those minorities. During the workshop, participants will see themselves as agents of change and a crucial part of cultivating a workspace that is culturally competent and responsive.

The workshop focuses on key approaches, strategies, activities and data to foster optimum participant engagement.

Establishing Inclusive Hiring

The goal of this workshop is to prepare participants for search committees, or hiring teams, and to educate them about the integral role they play in diversifying their workforce. Diversity without inclusion is a short-sighted strategy and will not help build a sustainable, diverse workforce. This workshop will provide key approaches, strategies, activities, and data to foster optimum participant engagement.

These workshops are available in two, four, or six-hour formats. Contact Peggy Dugan at to discuss how Corporate Solutions can help with your company’s diversity initiative.